Luxe. Fast-paced.

Runway, Fashion, Make-up, Design, Exclusive Events,
Exotic Automobiles, Stunning Estates & More

Group of people in stylish look
Lives of Style
Elisabeth & Amber Valetta

Lives of Style: #1 Style TV Show on
the West Coast

Airs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, then in New York …Interviews with icons, celebrities, designers, innovators, first-look at fashion and design, culinary, wine & cars, events.

Lives of Style is a half-hour of luxe, fast-paced, exciting, MTV-ABC newsmagazine-style broadcast TV show... Runway, fashion, make-up, design, exclusive events, exotic automobiles, and stunning estates bring the luxe world to life.

Hosted and executive produced by Elisabeth Laurence, Six-year West Coast style columnist for the San Francisco Examiner. Laurence has commented on shows from Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and local CBS and NBC affiliates and has created, hosted, or launched TV shows, specials, and other on-air content.