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Dating-Speak” ™ ©2014: Our Lives of Style authority–Laura Pugliese shares must-know dating “Do’s and Don’ts” that will help you find success in your relationships:

Lives of Style: I’ve been dating a man for six weeks and I’m wildly attracted to him. The other night he asked me, “When can we go all the way?” and I didn’t know how to respond to let him know I want a committed, monogamous relationship. What can I say the next time he asks me.

Laura: The next time he asks you can say, “I am very attracted to you too, and I do feel the desire to go all the way with you. The reason I am not comfortable acting on that desire yet is because I have traditional values and want to be in an exclusive and committed relationship first. At that time I would feel comfortable going all the way. What are your thoughts about what I am sharing with you, and is that what you want with me too?”

Michael Canale Master of Hair on Jennifer Aniston’s New Colour

jennifer aniston 2014

Michael Canale is a maestro at hair colour. He has a loyal following of the most coveted stars and power players in Hollywood because he understands how to do naturally beautiful hair colour which looks perfectly sun-kissed.

Canale has worked with mega-star Jennifer Aniston since her days on “Friends,” creating award-winner looks throughout her career.

We spoke with Michael about Jennifer’s colour which has gone from blonde to brunette back to blonde and now has a new edge.

Lives of Style: What’s happening with Jennifer Aniston’s colour now?

Michael: We are doing old school color, what we did 10 years ago, it is natural dark honey tones mixed with blonde and a bright front.

It is a natural set of highlights, we don’t pull the color through, we just touch up the roots. Initially when we were changing from brunette to blonde we brightened ends but now just tough up. (If you don’t know what this is–then omit and end with brightened the ends.)

In the front I’ve created a bright sandy hairline–which is more of a statement highlight for her face. We are doing a cool-tone gloss to keep the hairline sandy-beige which brings out her beautiful blue eyes.

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Rocker 70s Chic For Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection


The ‘70s inspired many Spring/Summer 2015 collections, and while Saint Laurent’s creative director–Hedi Slimane–has also chosen this decade as a baseline for his collection, Slimane has added rocker chic touches to give the garments a new and interesting appeal.

Studs, sequins, leopard, leathers, and furs were abundant, while colour was used sparingly, but with purpose. The overall black motif lent a moody essence to the collection, but with the added pops of red, green, pink, and teal, Slimane was able to contrast the pieces and highlight his stunning tailoring.

The collection had a vintage feel with the floral, polka dot, cherry, and starry print dresses, but the designer added modernity with turbans, metallics and chic platform heels.

Designing For Real Women — Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection


With a brand so closely aligned with the concept of luxury, Louis Vuitton constantly is under the critical eye of the fashion world – and, as we have seen time and time again, Louis Vuitton does not disappoint.

For Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, designer Nicolas Ghesquière used his impressive talents with state-of-the-art construction techniques and his love of modern fabrics to create a fashion juxtaposition of ‘60s and ‘70s glam and contemporary chic.

The ‘60s and ‘70s influences were seen in the Boho-inspired peasant dresses, luxe velvet, flared denim with contrast orange stitching, and an assortment of nostalgic, whimsical prints that included old-school blow dryers, vintage cars, and LV bags.

Get Successful in Dating


Dating-Speak” ™ ©2014: Our Lives of Style authority–Laura Pugliese shares must-know dating “Do’s and Don’ts” that will help you find success in your relationships:

Lives of Style: I’ve been communicating back and forth with a man who resides in Northern California and I live in LA. I’m going up there next weekend for a work convention. How do I let him know that I am available, because he hasn’t asked me out yet?

Laura: It would make sense that you would mention to him that you are going to be in his area. It’s an opportunity to meet if the timing works for him and he wants to meet you. The next time he calls you to talk you could say, “Next weekend I happen to have a work convention to go to in your area. I know it’s short notice, so I understand if it’s not good timing. I just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to meet and talk in person while I am there. What are your thoughts?” If he says it’s not good timing, then accept it. At the same time don’t let too much time go by before getting a set date to meet or you run the risk of becoming emotionally attached to with whom someone you may not have any physical chemistry.

Refreshingly Bright And Fun Collection For Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2015


Roberto Cavalli is a designer with staying power, and thanks to the strong design aesthetic in his latest Spring 2015 collection, we don’t think this staying power will fade any time soon.

Cavalli proves that fashion doesn’t necessarily have to be outré or alternatively, structured and controlled, in order to be stylish.

So, with typical Cavalli creative brio, the designer accompanied his monochromatic black, brown, and white pieces with bright psychedelic prints in bold reds, blues, greens, and yellows.

Flowing Femininity For Chloé’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection


Creating a collection is an intimate look at a designer’s interests and abilities, and with Chloé’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection, we gleaned a beautiful insight into the brand’s unique design aesthetic.

Chloé’s creative director Clare Waight Keller stated that her garments were inspired by her fabrics—due to their ability to “tell a story”—and these fabrics seemingly speak of comfort and ease.

The runway show—which was dedicated to Gaby Aghion, the label’s founder who passed away a day before the show—presented a collection filled with pieces that incorporated artisanal touches crafted out of lace or flowing fabrics.

East Meets West For Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2015


Western fashion often calls upon Eastern culture for inspiration, and for the Spring/Summer 2015 Alexander McQueen collection, we saw the world-renowned brand masterfully employ Japanese style and culture.

Antique kimonos inspired designer Sarah Burton’s latest McQueen collection, and nowhere is it more evident than in the silhouettes of the garments.

In an effort to avoid overly literal clichés, Burton incorporated some elements of a contemporary Japanese aesthetic, while discarding others altogether-–all in a limited palette of black, white, red, and pink.

A Humorous Goodbye to Jean Paul Gaultier’s Ready-To-Wear Collections


Jean Paul Gaultier has long been a lauded maverick and icon in the fashion world—pushing the boundaries of what is considered high fashion to new heights and new iterations.

In early September, Gaultier announced that after over three decades of work, he would cease producing ready-to-wear to concentrate on couture and special projects.

As Spring/Summer 2015 was his last ready-to-wear collection, the fashion world was on the edge of their seats with anticipation of what Gaultier would show—and the inimitable creative force did not disappoint.

Sporty Yet Feminine – Rochas Spring/Summer 2015 Collection


It is difficult—in the modern fashion world, to come up with new silhouettes and interesting concepts, but Rochas has dazzled us with its latest Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Creative director Alessandro Dell’ Acqua’s second full collection for Rochas was a deft admixture of romantic femininity, subtle sporty chic, and masculine vibes–superbly mastering complex details and involved layering to move between aesthetics.

However, the typical Rochas femininity and fragile style was preserved throughout the entire collection—via the use of delicate lace, graceful florals, see-through fabrics, and flowing shapes.

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