Wanderlust with Prabal Gurung for Fall Winter 2015 at NYFW

Prabal Gurung FW 2015

Prabal Gurung was quoted at his Fall Winter show saying that he loves a woman of substance.


One could say the same of his latest collection, which was inspired by the Adirondack Mountains.


Gurung admixed minimalism infused with references to the natural world, like a snow leopard printed velvet coat and a shift dress resembling white cliffs.

Dennis Basso’s Disco Queens for Fall Winter 2015 NYFW

Dennis Basso FW 2015

It was all about the American hustle at Dennis Basso’s Fall Winter show at NYFW.


Inspired by the stylish jet setters of the disco era, there was no shortage of glamour. Models were swathed in velvet drape gowns in metallic gold. Ensembles brought to mind Studio 54 in its heyday—with highlights reminiscent of the ‘70’s, such as hand-beaded brocade frocks, chiffon jumpsuits and slinky bias cut halters.

La Dolce Vita with Badgley Mischka Fall Winter 2015 at NYFW

Badgley Mischka FW 2015

Following a holiday at a 450 year-old monastery in Cartagena, Columbia, Mark Badgley and James Mischka infused their Fall Winter collection with retro allure worthy of the silver screen. Hourglass silhouettes and beauty queen beehives were reminiscent of ‘60’s femme fatales Sofia Loren and Brigitte Bardot.

How to Take Care of Yourself in the Dating Arena

dAting couple

Lives of Style’s DatingSpeak ™ ©2014 addresses questions about dating, relationships and communication.

Our Lives of Style authority–Laura Pugliese, shares must-know dating “Do’s and Don’ts” that will help you find success in your relationships.

Lives of Style: A friend of mine who I have known for years told me that my boyfriend is cheating on me. We all go to the same school and she said that he flirts with a girl in their class and she swears she saw him kiss her. I don’t know what to say to him.

Laura: You mentioned that you have known this friend for years, so I am presuming you think she is a valuable and trustworthy person. It is completely up to you if you want to talk with him about it. If you do choose to speak with him and he says it’s not true, then you will most likely have upset feeling and will have to decide whether you want to believe your friend or your boyfriend.

When and if you are ready you to take the risk of that possibility, you can say to your boyfriend, “I want to talk with you about something very upsetting to me that I heard involving you. Is now a good time?” Wait for him to say, “Yes.” Then you can say, “Someone I know well told me that they saw you flirting with and also kissing (insert full name if you have it–if not describe her and mention that it’s in his class). It was very upsetting to hear that, and I don’t want to make this about who saw it. I just want to be fair to you and ask you if it’s all-true, any part of it is true, or if somehow there was a misunderstanding of what was witnessed. What are your thoughts about what I am sharing with you?”

How to Handle Dating Misconceptions


Lives of Style’s DatingSpeak ™ ©2014 addresses questions about dating, relationships and communication.

Our Lives of Style authority–Laura Pugliese, shares must-know dating “Do’s and Don’ts” that will help you find success in your relationships.

Lives of Style: I was just watching CBS News in the morning and they said it’s okay to go up and talk to a guy. I’m trying to be feminine and this confuses me so what can I say to a man when I first meet him to let him know that I am interested?

Laura: You can certainly take CBS News’s advise and go up to a man and ask him out if you want to, however you mentioned that you are working on being feminine.

A feminine energy based person responds to, and is passive, patient, vulnerable, receptive and respectful to the lead of a masculine energy based person. A masculine energy based person competes for, conquers, and fights to gain control over all other masculine energy people to win over and get the feminine energy based person he most wants. He will then give, protect and cherish that feminine energy based person and be rewarded by her respect and receptiveness to his lead.

What’s most confusing today is that there are many women walking around pursuing and dating in the masculine energy, and a lot of men are responding and dating in the feminine energy. If it works for you, then have at it and enjoy! The problem is that it doesn’t work well for most people long-term because at some point the reversal of the energy roles can take a huge toll and cause resentments and fighting.

So, if you want to stay in your feminine energy then smile a lot while keeping eye contact for at least five seconds with a guy to whom you feel most attracted. If you happen to find yourself around a specific guy who you are attracted to, then make a point to flirt with him to signal a different interest in him than in other males who may be around. If he is truly interested in you, then he will figure it out that you are attracted to him and do something about it.

Dating Dilemmas Answered


Lives of Style’s DatingSpeak ™ ©2014 addresses questions about dating, relationships and communication.

Our Lives of Style authority–Laura Pugliese, shares must-know dating “Do’s and Don’ts” that will help you find success in your relationships.

Lives of Style: I have a question about etiquette regarding my grandmother and my boyfriend. His family is on the East Coast. He and I live together in California and we frequently eat over at my grandma’s (she’s a great cook). He’s now gotten so close to her that he calls her, “Grandma,” and will drop over to see her or eat with her, even when I am working some nights (I’m a nurse.) I don’t mind it–I actually like it, but he never contributes food or pays for a meal. How can I encourage him to take her (us) out to dinner or to bring food over and not treat her like a free cafeteria?

Laura:  I understand that you care about your grandma and want to take care of her feelings, however she is a grown woman who is responsible for her own feelings and has a choice in what she wants and accepts. Unless she brings it up to you, states that it is a problem for her, and asks for your help– I don’t think it is your place to decide it is an issue for her and attempt to fix it. I do think it is a great idea to discuss with your boyfriend that you want for the two of you to take her out periodically to show appreciation to her for all the meals for which she welcomes the both of you to her home.


Jennifer Aniston Oscars 2015


Gone, girls–gone….the past, pouting, pursed lips of pokerfaced celebrities.

No more pusillanimous, pensive or ponderous puckers for awards shows.

Celebrities Rooney Mara and Victoria Beckham take note–even Kristen Stewart turned up the edges at the Still Alice premiere last November.

The 87th Academy Awards Sunday night proved 2015 is the “Year of the Smile.”

Star after star beamed in dazzling designs: Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein Collection, Lady Gaga in Azzedine Alaia, Felicity Jones in Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Marion Cotillard in Dior, Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab, Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford, Julianne Moore in Chanel Haute Couture.

But the all-time standard bearer of the smile is Jennifer Aniston–wearing Versace last night at the Oscars–who powerfully transformed the downward trend this past year.

Not only was Aniston’s famed winsome grin gorgeously on display last night–witness her playful pick-up of Emma Stone on the Red Carpet–but Aniston’s hair colour looked better than ever–adding to her positive vibe.

InTouchWeekly.com noted that Aniston’s “natural, sun-kissed locks” knock 10 years off her age, with “sunny, face-framing strands.”

Michael Canale, Aniston’s celebrity haircolourist–who, with her go-to-stylist Chris McMillan, has kept the star’s hair gleaming for two decades–noted how well her pulchritudinous presence radiates across the board.

In an exclusive conversation with us, Canale–citing Jen’s December/January Harper’s Bazaar cover says, “She’s gorgeous.”

In order to create the natural look Jen wanted, Canale “did a base colour, then popped the colour around the hairline, framing her face by applying paper-thin, raw highlights that created lightness that brought out her hair cut and her features. Then Canale used his signature proprietary gloss to lock in the colour.”

Canale says the colour, “looks like camera lights are shining on her blonde strands but there’s no light, it’s her colour.”

It is brilliant. Even more reason to smile.

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Zang Toi’s Venetian Mystery for Fall Winter 2015 at NYFW

Zang Toi FW 2015

Zang Toi treated attendees at his Fall Winter show to the type of extravagance featured at Venetian masquerades in the 16th century. The collection was certainly a renaissance for the Malaysian-born designer, who deviated from his usual palette of jewel tones. Toi said, “I decided to surprise my audience without the signature Zang Toi colours. I decided to go with what I call a non-color color collection.”

How to Communicate with Men

Couple walking in winter

Lives of Style’s DatingSpeak ™ ©2014 addresses questions about dating, relationships and communication.

Our Lives of Style authority–Laura Pugliese, shares must-know dating “Do’s and Don’ts” that will help you find success in your relationships.

Lives of Style: I got sick over the weekend and my boyfriend wouldn’t come over to bring me soup or spend time with me. I had to ask my friend to bring over some supplies. What can I say to him because I’m so hurt?

Laura: I’m going to presume (since you wrote: “He wouldn’t come over and bring me soup”) that you specifically asked him to do it, and he said “No.” I am bringing up that point because I’ve had many people come to me upset that their partner didn’t do this or didn’t do that, and when I probed them further for insight I learned that they had assumed their partner should just know what they wanted.

It is very important to be clear about how you feel and what you want by sharing your feelings specifically and also asking for what you want in a respectful and loving manner. It is also beneficial to ask the person what the reason is for their answers when the answer is something that feels disappointing to you; otherwise you risk assuming reasons that may feel terrible to you which are inaccurate.

It is possible that your boyfriend has concerns about getting sick if he exposes himself to you or other people when there is an illness. If that is the case, then you may have to decide if his being that way is manageable or a deal breaker for you.

With that in mind you can say to your boyfriend, “Honey I want to talk with you about something that feels sensitive to me. Is now a good time?” Wait for him to say “Yes.” Then you can say, “I realized that it really didn’t feel good to me that you didn’t want to come over and bring me soup. You had every right not want to. I want to be honest and tell you that it is something that would really mean a lot to me. Also if the situation was reversed, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it for you if you asked. I realize that we think differently, and I do not understand your position. I want to discuss it with you to better understand you and see if we can come to an agreement that would work well for us both in the future. What was your reason for not wanting to do it, and are you open to us having an agreement to help each other when asked in the future?”

Hervé Léger F-W 2015 — An Anniversary in Style

Herve Leger FW15

For Hervé Léger’s Fall-Winter collection–a celebration of of 30 years of Léger–Max and Lubov Azria found divine inspiration at Antoni Gaudí’s famed La Sagrada Família cathedral in Barcelona. Lubov’s personal photos of the sparkling stained glass windows and ceiling were transformed into rich patterns and body-con knit jacquards. Even Gaudí’s miniature wooden models of the cathedral gave rise to taupe bandage dresses. Azria credits the church’s facades for the collection’s three acts.

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