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Lives of Style’s DatingSpeak ™ ©2015 addresses questions about dating, relationships and communication.

Our Lives of Style authority–Laura Pugliese, shares must-know dating “Do’s and Don’ts” that will help you find success in your relationships.

Lives of Style: A man who I was texting with resurfaced and started sending flirty texts. I was fine responding to him but I didn’t now what to write when he said that he’s confident we will have chemistry when we meet. He has asked me out a few times but never sets it up and we haven’t met yet. I want to be feminine but want to either find out if he is serious about meeting or if not then I don’t want to flirt with him.

Laura: A man who is flirting with you on and off but doesn’t step forward and follow through on asking you out for a specific date is most likely flirting with and exploring other women and not wanting to make a decision yet. That’s okay. He has every right to do that, but that doesn’t mean you have accept it and let things continue this way. The next time he texts you and flirts you can write, “You have mentioned that you want us to go out and have said that you are confident that we will have great chemistry when we meet. I do want to meet and find that out, but I want to be honest with you and let you know I am currently receptive to us meeting if you want to suggest a time and date for us to meet within the next couple of weeks. Respectfully, if you don’t want to make a plan and keep it, then I don’t feel comfortable to continue responding to your texts. What do you want to do?”

Givenchy Shows Spring 2016 Collection in New York

givenchy 13_MON1245

In homage to 9/11 Givenchy held it’s spring 2016 collection in New York City–in lower Manhattan–with the twin beams of light streaming up from the Freedom Tower in view, and with Ava Maria resounding over loudspeakers to the crowd at the closing of the collection.

It was a statement that fashion is an expression of the individual and an outlet for emotion–a powerful pairing for a day filled with grief, loss, as well as hope and endurance.

By bringing Givenchy’s Spring 2016 line to New York, Riccardo Tisci brought energy, excitement and of course, dramatic clothing to NYFW.

This season marked Tisci’s tenth year at Givenchy and he has continued to “up his game” and create wearable works of art.

Celebrities showed their support in a glittering fashion including Julia Roberts, Jennifer Hudson, Amanda Seyfried, Catherine Deneuve, Steven Tyler and Liv Tyler, Christina Ricci and Niki Minaj along with Kim and Kayne. And New York fashion royalty were there as well including Michael Kors, Vera Wang, Tory Burch, Jack McCollough, Lazaro Hernandez, Alexander Wang and Joseph Altuzarra.

Julia-Roberts-Givenchy-show-Spring-Summer-2016 amanda-seyfried-givenchy-show-at-spring-2016-ny-fashion-week_2 Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.39.41 AM Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.43.47 AM

Houghton went back to its Roots for Spring-Summer 2016

Houghton Look021

Katharine Polk returned to her roots for Houghton Spring-Summer 2016. She combined Houghton and Houghton Bride into a stellar spring collection.

She opted to maintain her initial vision of the brand and reinforced it by focusing on who “her girl” is, and her strong vision created a winning collection.

Whites, pales and blushes dominated the collection. Polk embraced lace and sheerness, flowing silhouettes and oversize shapes.

Of course, there was the wide-legged trouser inspired by Polk’s main muse Katharine Hepburn. Other muses for this collection were Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford.

Some stand-outs on the runway were a white full sleeved top with blue wheel barrel cutouts, a white sheer lace dress with cream ribbon detailing, cream wide-legged trousers and an oversized jacket.

Son Jung Wan gets Inspiration from the Sea for Spring-Summer 2016

son jung wan ireland baldwin

Son Jung Wan was inspired by the sea for her strong and feminine Spring 2016 collection.

Korea’s Jeju Island was the starting point and it influenced the color palette of pastel hues, including lilac and blush interspersed with deep turquoise.

Metallics and sequins played a part in the collection as well as whites, blues and silvers that shone on the catwalk.

Model Ireland Baldwin opened the show in a silver, sequin cropped blouse and satin skirt. A blush silk dress with a tulip skirt and cut out sides, a bronze, boat-neck, sleeveless sheath dress with sheer asymmetrical hem, a pastel, multi-colored, sequin, strapless romper and a sleeveless, metallic, turquoise, deep v-neck dress with collar epitomized Wan’s talent for crafting elegant creations.

Celebrity Colorist Dishes about When to Change Your Hair Color

Hair at Fashion Week

Lives of Style’s Monday with Michael ™ ©2015, provides expert advice on hair color, styling, care and conditioning—for a more beautiful YOU.

Congratulations! Michael Canale was named “Best Colorist” for Jennifer Aniston’s color in Elle’s August 2015 issue.

He won for Aniston’s iconic look–which was created by using his ansenal of techniques to create the perfect, natural, sun-kissed blonde.

One of Hollywood’s most sought-after colorists, Canale’s clients have included movie star royalty like Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Heidi Klum, Carolyn Murphy, Carmen Electra, Denise Richards and more.

Since New York Fashion Week just ended and we are in the middle of London Fashion Week, then off to Milan and Paris we wanted to check in with Michael about changing your hair color after seeing what’s happening on the runway.

Lives of Style: When is the best time to change your hair color?

Michael: I know fashionistas might be seeing something on the runway and you might want to change your hair color to be “on trend.” My advice is, I would never change my hair color near my birthday or Christmas. Don’t change your hair color in any weak moments. The holidays are around the corner so you may not want to dabble with a new hue until you have more time to change it back if you don’t like it.

Vivienne Tam Mixes Street Style with Chinese Art Deco for Spring-Summer 2016

Vivienne Tam RTW Spring 2016

Vivienne Tam was inspired by androgynous New York Street Style and admixed that with elements from 1920’s Chinese Art Deco, which resulted in a colourful, masculine/feminine collection for a bold look and a strong new direction for the brand.

The collection was comprised of relaxed silhouettes, crisp cottons, synthesized crepes and techno mesh layered with hand-crafted embroideries and laser-cut appliques. Graphic black and white, red, sea green intermixed with accents of fluorescent pink and mint green.

The show closer was a black and white stand-out dress inspired by game Mahjong game. A white mesh dress with dragons, mesh biker jackets, and menswear fabrics mixed with ruffles rounded out the collection–which could be worn with sneakers or killer heels.

Desigual brings Barcelona to NYFW for Spring 2016

Desigual RTW Spring 2016

Desigual originated in Barcelona and the brand brought back the feeling of the famed Spanish city for Spring-Summer 2016.

Colors were bright as always and playful patterns were inspired by the architecture of the city and its bold and beautiful sights.

The brand showed neon floral dresses with lace insets, a rainbow halter dress, an ethnic biker jacket, hand painted brush stroke prints on oversize blouses and a-line midi-skirts with patchwork embroidery.

And as always the Desigual show is a pop of fun during a long week and this season they didn’t disappoint.

Tadashi Shoji Celebrates his Japanese Homeland for Spring 2016

Tadashi Shoji RTW Spring 2016

Tadashi Shoji’s beautiful and romantic Spring-Summer 2016 collection showcased stunning gowns and beautiful cocktail dresses, all inspired by his homeland of Japan.

He focused heavily on wisteria, which was immediately evident as the runway was draped in the beautiful floral plant.

Peonies, irises, and cherry blossoms also made their mark on his pieces.

Sheer dresses with strategically placed floral embroidery were standouts. A strapless gown with an acrylic floral appliqued bodice and a pleated and layered tulle gown showcased his exquisite craftsmanship.

Zang Toi’s Journey to Santorini For Spring 2016

Zang Toi RTW Spring 2016

Zang Toi is an artist who takes us all on a journey every season .For Fall 2016 we reveled in the mysteries of Venice and now, for Spring, we celebrated the flavour of the Greek Island, Santorini.

Toi said that he wanted to show a lighter collection after the dark chioscuro of Venice.

Toi’s impeccable tailoring was evident in the white cotton crispness of everything from a tailored blazer and high-waist pants to his white cotton organdy blouses with poof sleeves.

Whites, greens, turquoises and black comprised his color palette. Color-blocked geometric dresses, jackets and skirts were spot-on for spring.

Smart Communication with Men


Lives of Style’s DatingSpeak ™ ©2015 addresses questions about dating, relationships and communication.

Our Lives of Style authority–Laura Pugliese, shares must-know dating “Do’s and Don’ts” that will help you find success in your relationships.

Lives of Style: I’ve been dating a very successful man, probably one of the icons of Wall Street, for about a year. He is considerate, texts me probably every two days and takes me out twice a month. I feel like Kate Middleton. What can I say to move this forward?

Laura: It’s been a full year, so it is a good idea and reasonable that you talk with him to find out if he has long-term plans for the two of you. It is a risk to ask him, so you should first accept that he may say that he likes things the way they are and wasn’t looking to make a change. On the other hand he may be willing to make a deeper commitment and move forward. Either way it will be best for you to know where you stand before you continue to invest in this man.

When you decide that you are prepared to accept the possibility of rejection of what you want, the next time you speak with him you can say, “I want to talk with you about something I’ve been thinking about lately in regards to us. Is now a good time?” Wait for him to say, “Yes.” Then you can say, “I have truly enjoyed all of the time we have spent together over the past year, and I appreciate how well you have treated me. It would feel best to me to be moving towards a future with someone. Having said that I want to ask you what your thoughts are about what I am sharing with you, and do you have long-term plans in mind for us?”

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