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Say Bye Bye to Damaged Hair, New Michael Canale Hair Care System

blonde hair

We at Lives of Style hear that some product, device, application is revolutionary a few times a day and ever hopeful, we research, purchase or download it and are more often than not disappointed, out money that we could put towards a fabulous dress, new tech gadget or popular toy for one of our team’s [...]

Tips on How to Get and Keep the Hair Color You Desire

cameron Diaz

Lives of Style’s Monday with Michael ™ ©2017, provides expert advice on hair color, styling, care and conditioning—for a more beautiful YOU. Our Lives of Style Authority: Master Colorist to the Stars: Michael Canale–in the business for over 30 years, is renowned for creating natural sun-streaked hair and classic blonde shades that get raves. One of Hollywood’s most [...]

Must-Read! Get the Right Hair Colour For You

Cameron Diaz in the Holiday

Ever wonder how celebrities’ hair colour always shines and looks radiant on them? Master Colourist, Michael Canale, known for creating Jennifer Aniston’s golden hue, sheds light on how to pick the right hair colour. Lives of Style: How do you pick the right hair colour? Michael: I look at my client’s colouring, clothing and eye [...]

Common Hair Colour Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make


Celebrity Master Colourist Michael Canale–known for creating Jennifer Aniston’s iconic hair colour, dishes on how to keep your own colour looking great — and how to avoid the biggest hair colour mistakes Lives of Style: What are the common mistakes people make when coloring their hair? Michael: Not staying with the same colourist. If you [...]


shiny blonde hair

What’s the new trend for summer hair? Glosses. Instead of changing your hair color, enhance it. Glosses are the perfect vehicle to make your hair healthier, more vibrant and literally shine. Lives of Style Hair Colouring Expert: Michael Canalé, “Celebrity Hair Colourist to the Stars”—known for creating knock-out, natural hues that are star-worthy, uses glosses [...]

Hair Damage: Get it Fixed and Look Gorgeous!

damaged blondhair

Relying on too many high-heat styling tools, over-bleaching strands, or not using the correct hair products can damage the health of your hair. Michael Canalé, “Celebrity Hair Colourist to the Stars”—known for creating knock-out, natural hues that are celebrity-worthy, is also a maestro at bringing distressed hair back to health. Our Lives of Style Hair [...]

New Hair Colour Technique You Will Be Asking For

jennifer aniston hightlights 2

Want to pop natural hair colour? Michael Canale, celebrity hair colourist and creator of Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful blonde hair colour, has created a new technique aptly called: “Piggy Back Highlights,” to do just that. As a master colourist, Canale places the highlights directly next to each other–with one sited half an inch higher, to give [...]

Makeup Monday…


Though spring is usually the time to bring out the brightest possible colors, sometimes a muted color can give off an unexpected, yet daring look. One unusual lipstick shade that took the Acne Spring/Summer runway show, and not to mention, celebrities and beauty bloggers, by storm is grey lipstick! Though grey is a color that [...]

Fun Friday…


With all of the flashy and sometimes over-the-top nail trends, it’s hard to believe that less is more. But Lily-Rose Depp, who has become quite the fashion icon after closing the Chanel show earlier this year, just recently left the nail salon in the most clean and simple look. Nail Job, the salon in Beverly [...]

Makeup Monday…


Makeup is truly a form of art. And if you don’t believe us, then check out this season’s major eye makeup trend that is inspired by the 19th century art technique called pointillism, which is essentially a painting that is made up of many distinct dots to create an image. For an eye-catching and unique [...]

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