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What’s Cool About Tory Burch


In 2014, Forbes listed Tory Burch as the 79th most powerful woman in the world. Not only is she a designer for her eponymous line, but she is also the Chairman and CEO of her company, Tory Burch LLC. That alone is enough to make her, to say the least, very cool. She launched her first collection in 2004, [...]

Toast du jour- So PEFECTLY San Francisco.


Following in the footsteps of innovative food crazes such as the artisanal cupcake, dill pickle, and cronut comes the latest “artisanal toast” trend.” Yes, TOAST. A handful of restaurants and cafés are now serving up one of the simplest – and cheapest – dishes as a high-quality menu item… some with extensive stand-alone ‘Toast Menus’. [...]

The Best 4th of July Cocktails

This 4th of July, sip some stylish cocktails in celebration of our independence. Sources claim that while writing the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers drank eight barrels of wine and other spirits. Even George Washington brewed his own beer and would encourage colonists to buy American-based ales, rather than those imported from England. 4th [...]

Try the New Blueberry Raspberry with Stoli Blueberry and Chambord Liquor from Casa del Mar: Hotel By the Sea

Berry Snow Cone

Casa del Mar presents its latest refreshment, the spiked snow cone. Available in five flavors, including Strawberry Mint, Apple Grape, Carrot Rosemary, Tomato Caper, and of course, Blueberry Raspberry, these fresh pick-me-ups are offered every day in the lobby lounge and Catch restaurant. As a special treat, here’s a recipe for the much-loved Blueberry Raspberry [...]

Thirsty? Try this tasty treat that will help you beat the heat.

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 1.30.15 PM

Looking for a delicious cocktail cooler to beat the heat? You’ll love this dreamy ice cream treat that’s packed with strawberry, coconut and pineapple flavors! Try the Lava Smash! *Add Strawberries and rum to blender, puree until smooth *Divide between 2 tall glasses then rinse blender *Place syrup, ice cream, pineapple, sweetener and ice in [...]

Entertain in Style with Gourmet Mojitos!


THIRSTY? Turn any get together into a party with Gourmet Mojitos! Jazz up the light, fizzy, minty mojito with unique fruits and flavorings like blueberries, mangos, ginger or grapes. For the Grand Mango Mojito: *Cut 1/4 of 1 oranges into 2 wedges *In tall glass, muddle 5 mint leaves with wedges *1/4 cup mango chunks [...]

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