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Karl Lagerfeld fashions Diet Coke

Karl Lagerfeld's Diet Coke Creations

The King of Fashion — Karl Lagerfeld debuts his new collection– of Diet Coke bottles. It’s no surprise Lagerfeld was invited back for a second collection, this time decorating the pink and white bottles with stars, stripes and spots, next to his unmistakeable ponytailed silhouette. Bottles hit the shelves of specialty stores this summer so [...]

Kelly Osbourne is the new face of Material Girl

Lola Madonna and Kelly Osbourne

Reality TV star, singer and actress Kelly Osbourne has evolved into a true fashion icon. Her new status as fashionista was noted on Lourdes Ciccone’s  (more commonly known as Madonna’s daughter Lola) blog which led to her becoming the face of Material Girl, a fashion co-production between Lola and her mama. The behind-the-scenes video of [...]

Rambo goes retail, Sylvester Stallone designer

Sylvestor Stallone

Movie star Sylvester Stallone punches into the fashion world in 2012. First there was Rocky, then Rambo, now retail. The line will consist of jeans, shirts, outerwear, underwear, and watches, and the inspiration for the collection will be Stallone’s most famous characters.

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