Archive for February 9th, 2013

Mara Hoffman Fall/Winter 2013 New York Fashion Week Collection!

Mara Hoffman and Host Elisabeth Laurence

Mara Hoffman’s Fall/Winter 2013 line turns the everyday woman into an elegant warrior. There were a number of pieces that emphasized Hoffman’s “world car avan” theme through tribal patterns and bold colors, like bright blue, green, pink, and red.  Needless to say the collection was rich in culture and in color. Through high-slitted skirts and [...]

Son Jung Wan’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection!

Son Jung Wan and Host Elisabeth Laurence

Son Jung Wan was inspired by the art of Kandinsky for her Fall/Winter 2013 collection.  She combined the elements of luxury, elegance, and sexiness to create a chic line for todays modern woman.  Fur was definitely a statement piece in the collection, strategically placed on elegant overcoats and wrapped around the neck in a sophisticated [...]

Behind Marissa Webb’s Show

Marissa Webb’s line this season was office attire with a glamorous twist. The color story consisted of classic neutrals, like black, brown, and white, coupled with vibrant blue, green, and pink. These pieces would have any woman in or out of workforce feeling confident and classy.

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