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What’s Cool About Phillip Lim


One of the “California Contingent” of famous American designers born on the West Coast, Phillip Lim hails from Orange County. His mum toiled 18 hours a day in the garment center, and though Lim began his college career as a business major, he graduated with a degree in consumer sciences. He leveraged his interest in [...]

What’s Cool About Rag & Bone’s Marcus Wainwright and David Neville


Marcus Wainwright and David Neville are the masterminds behind Rag & Bone, a fashion line ironically named after the British term for a man who collects unwanted items. The two have been friends since they were 14-years-old, and decided to try and make some jeans one day when neither could find a pair that fit [...]

What’s Cool About J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons


Jenna Lyons entirely transformed J. Crew and, in doing so, transformed the landscape of America womenswear. This fashion heavy-hitter is hard to miss, standing at six-feet-tall with chocolate colored hair and signature thick frames. She is effortlessly cool.

What’s Cool About Kate Spade


Kate Spade is a powerhouse. What started as an effort to put more stylish handbags onto the market has turned into a full-fledged company, shelling out everything from purses, accessories, beauty products, and perfume to pajamas, eyewear, and more! She even has a home collection, which specializes in chic bedding, bath items, and other items [...]

What’s Cool About Charlotte Ronson


Charlotte Ronson is the definition of cool-girl. She exudes a carefree, laid-back aura and possesses a strong sense of confidence with such ease. Although she was born in England, she has become New York’s Queen of boho downtown glam – a unique aesthetic truly all her own. She drives the trends and keeps her looks [...]

What’s Cool About Yigal Azrouel


Not only is Yigal Azrouel exceptionally handsome, but his designs are to die for – what more is there to love? His ultra-modern eponymous line is structured and sophisticated yet fluid and feminine. He is an expert at executing the easy-chic-model look that is both effortless and sexy.

What’s Cool About Timo Weiland’s Tim Weiland and Alan Eckstein


Tim Weiland and Alan Eckstein joined forces in 2010 to create Timo Weiland, a youthful yet refined womenswear and menswear brand. Their creations are as bold as they are, often displaying a wide medley of prints and textures, colors and patterns. We love Tim and Alan’s innate rebellion that is reflected in their clothing – [...]

What’s Cool About Sally LaPointe


Sally LaPointe’s designs are sleek, sexy, edgy, and a little bit dark. The raven-haired beauty wasn’t exposed to fashion at a young age, but was always rather artistic and spent a lot of time honing her creative abilities. Even today, she is always thinking of new and inventive ways to do things, including sending out [...]

What’s Cool About Norma Kamali


Norma Kamali has been designing for her eponymous line since the 60’s, and she still remains as gorgeous as ever. Her modern, fun, vivacious designs are a direct reflection of the woman Norma is. She uses avant-garde shapes and silhouettes and has made huge contributions to the world of fashion. She’s a favorite of many [...]

What’s Cool About Barbara Tfank


Barbara Tfank has made a nam for herself in the fashion industry, but she actually started out in the world of film. Tfank once worked in the wardrobe department of films such as A Midnight Clear, Three of Hearts, and The Beautician and the Beast. After working in costume design, she shifted her focus and [...]

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