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Weekly Fashion and Beauty Tips


Makeup Monday… As the days get colder, so do the lips! A bold and daring look that has taken over Instagram is blue lipstick! Though this look takes a lot of confidence, it’s perfect for special occasions such as holiday parties or for a night out on the town with friends. To balance out this [...]

Weekly Fashion and Beauty Tips


Makeup Monday… Lately the internet, namely Instagram, has gone insane for Sigma Beauty’s holographic lip gloss! This mesmerizing lip trend instantly turns your lips into a beautiful mood ring or a liquid lava lamp with just a few slicks. This lip gloss also comes in a range of colors from a fiery orange to a [...]

Weekly Fashion and Beauty Tips


Makeup Monday… If there’s one eyeshadow color that sticks out from the runways, then it’s definitely copper. This shiny penny hue has been popping up everywhere and is applied all over the entire lid. This neutral color keeps the overall natural look while still making a bold statement. Best of all, this trend is very [...]

Rock the Vote…


As a way to pay homage to the American suffragettes who fought for women’s voting rights, many women (and men) are deciding to wear white to the polls this year! The movement has already taken off on social media with the hashtag #WearWhiteToVote. Want to make your white ensemble stand out with red, white, and [...]

Color Me Beautiful–With Precision

Jennifer Aniston walks her first Red Carpet post-honeymoon **USA, Australia, New Zealand ONLY**

How do you perfect the perfect blonde hair color? You need a color master to create a new technique that subtly enhances the color and creates a look that only the sun could make. Celebrity colorist Michael Canale is that master and Jennifer Aniston is his muse. One thinks—how can you make Aniston’s hair any [...]

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