Diversity and Sophistication for Calvin Klein Collection Spring/Summer 2015

Calvin Klein

Just as New York Fashion week gave way to the European season, the legendary brand Calvin Klein took to the runway to present one of the most innovative and stunning shows for Spring/Summer 2015.

Über-genius, Francisco Costa – Calvin Klein Collection’s creative director presented a beautiful panoply of pieces, primarily in black, navy, white, red, and silver that literally glided over the runway.

Costa’s clothes hit a sophisticated and classic tone while also embracing an edgier, urban-chic vibe—newer and quite interesting, through the use of modern, metallic accessories.

While the key look was a sleeveless dress worn over a longer, fluted, viscose skirt, other pieces in the collection included striking leather dresses, mesh honeycomb knit dresses, classic T-shirt dresses and an elegant tank top.

However, the clothes were not the only highlight of the Calvin Klein show. Several of the models seemed to have broken the typical waif-model mold, and instead of being impossibly thin, these models had curves to them. This was a conscious effort on Costa’s part, stating that he wanted the female body front and center.

“Making the body a little more exposed in a way, you know, giving the woman a little more curve, which I love. I’ve never done a silhouette like that,” he said. ”

Costa showed stunning fluid shapes, body-hugging, perfectly crafted knits in a tour de force for Spring.

Every element of the runway show hit the right note, and the small details within the collection made us love it even more.

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