Bedroom Chic – 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

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For Phillip Lim’s Spring 2015 collection, the designer decided to try something different with his design aesthetic.

“This season is about pushing the idea of femininity. Usually [my aesthetic] is masculine-feminine, but this time, I wanted to work closer to the body, make everything feel exposed, but also protected,” stated Lim

With this new goal of hyper-femininity, Lim was able to create something completely different from his typical work, yet still clearly within Lim’s design comfort zone. The collection was all about see-though transparency and airiness with a softer color palette and flirtier silhouettes.

Lim created crisp lines with a slightly sculptural edge, and his designs had plenty of cutouts and asymmetric pieces that overlapped.

So where did he find his inspiration for this new feminine designs? According to Lim, he designed this collection after his bedroom.

“I was actually living in my bedroom because I was going through a renovation, and it was killing me. I chose to look at the situation and be inspired by it. This is the place that I feel the most exposed, but at the same time protected, and I wanted to play with those two ideas,” said Lim.

With the sensual intimacy of bedroom interiors serving as a point of interest for Lim’s collection, this departure from his normal designs has created what was a truly lovely collection for Spring 2015.

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