Alexander Wang’s Tour de Force — Comes Into His Own with Balenciaga’s Spring 2015 collection

Balenciaga 14

In a “sheer”-delight, Alexander Wang perfectly blended street chic and athleti-style influences into figure-flattering looks–admixing mesh and embroidery into sleek silhouettes. Pants were tight, shirts cut to the body and dresses were primarily long and form-fitting.

Wang’s love of geometrics was evident throughout, as many pieces–including black, white and dusty pink dresses, featured lattice patterns. Cuts and accents created a sporty sexy vibe, which Wang has perfected.

Pencil skirts and floor-length coats, some with lapels that curved around the back, were clean and elegant. Squares of beading fashioned into diamond shapes fronted coat pockets and high-waisted, tapered trousers

Wang brought New York faves to the collection–sporty tops in light colours, and there were skirts that played on the sheer-see-through vibe of the collection that landed just past the knee.

In the postwar years, Cristobal Balenciaga’s designs became streamlined and linear and he favoured fluid lines.

We like to think that New Yorker Wang’s full-scale command of Balenciaga in this–his fourth season, with his trademark, cool New York vibe–note the mirrored sunglasses–and structured lines, is closer to Balenciaga the brand than other critics think.

The key to Balenciaga is innovation, modernity and brio–and Wang has captured–and mastered all three.

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