Brunello Cucinelli Has a Fresh Take on Spring 2015


Brunello Cucinelli has moved beyond great knits to a showcase beautiful clothes which, this season evoked a strong, activewear trend–creating a sporty, fluid and relaxed collection.

The gray, laser-cut, diamond-patterned, cropped, mink jacket displayed the brand’s propensity to innovate with new techniques especially while working in traditional mediums, such as fur.

Ostrich feathers were waxed and knitted into a showstopping mesh macramé cocktail dress. Python appeared on a cream structured top and on an antique, pink bomber, featuring with rounded, engineered sleeves.

An emphasis on evening wear including romantic dresses and classic nighttime separates in tulle and organza, which reinforced the freshness of a breath-of-fresh air spring collection.

Brunello_Cucinelli_01_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_02_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_05_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_06_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_07_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_09_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_11_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_12_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_15_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_16_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_17_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_18_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_19_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_20_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_21_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_23_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_24_1366 Brunello_Cucinelli_25_1366



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