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Jennifer Aniston

Michael Canale, Beverly Hills Hair Colorist to the Stars and creator of Jennifer Aniston’s award winning colour, proffers insight and shares tips for star-worthy hair.

Lives of Style: What are the trends for hair color for this winter?

Michael: The biggest trend is the return to natural highlighting, which is the natural blending of color into the base.

Ombre moved out about a year ago, and the natural look regained its popularity. There is no dark root and blonde ends.

There are no big chunks or big streaks. If clients want that look it is done with extensions. Those large streaks caused the hair to break off, and people who had this done needed extensions to replace the integrity of the hair.

Jennifer Aniston is a perfect example of natural highlighting. We brought back her old-school, natural color. Her length is back, and she shines with her trademark beautiful hair color.

Lives of Style: Why do you think Jennifer Aniston’s colour has caught on so much?

Michael: Because it was minimal. It was the beginning of the natural look where color was there to enhance the person instead of changing the person. She’s a beautiful woman who doesn’t get over shown by her hair.

Lives of Style: What are some trends for celebrity hair?

Michael: Celebrities usually go too blonde and 90% of them have extensions because their hair has broken off. Many people have a preconceived notion that blonder is better. I always take my clients into blonde gradually. It’s important to ease into a blonde so you keep integrity of the hair.

And short haircuts are in. Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, Ann Hathaway and many more celebrities went short. Chris McMillan is the best in the business. Nobody’s as creative or innovative. It’s very rare that somebody’s that amazing. He can make something out of nothing. He can change your look and make it new and fresh. Grow-outs last six months. He just has the touch.

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