What’s Cool About Barbara Tfank


Barbara Tfank has made a nam for herself in the fashion industry, but she actually started out in the world of film. Tfank once worked in the wardrobe department of films such as A Midnight Clear, Three of Hearts, and The Beautician and the Beast. After working in costume design, she shifted her focus and launched a collection for Barney’s.

One of her major fashion moments occurred in 2012, when Michelle Obama wore one of Tfank’s designs to the State of the Union address. The designer had no idea that the first lady would be donning one of her designs, and only found out when she tuned in to the speech! She doesn’t fall prey to trends and simply creates what feels right. She pulls inspiration from both nature and old films, and is a huge fan of Adele (whom she has been dressing for years). That alone is enough to make Barbara Tfank pretty cool in our book!

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