What’s Cool About Mark and Estel’s Mark Tango and Estel Day

SS15DLR_NY, Calvin Klein,New York

What happens when rock-and-roll meets the runway? Hit fashion brand Mark and Estel is born! The rocker-glam line, named after designer and musician extraordinaires Mark Tango and Estel Day, is full-on edge. Mark and Estel have a penchant for creating bold, sexy pieces season after season.

Their love of music is woven throughout their designs, which are always handmade with the utmost craftsmanship. The pair consistently pushes the fashion envelope and doesn’t harp on trends – they are true visionaries.

SS15DLR_NY, Calvin Klein,New York

Not only are Mark and Estel brilliant in fashion design, but their music is incredible as well. They create and perform all of the music for their runway shows, which is unprecedented. Although they may have only launched their music/fashion hybrid in 2005, Mark and Estel have received a great deal of accolades and their line is carried in stores across the globe.

We respect passion and talent, and because Mark and Estel carry both of these qualities at such a level, they are without a doubt, cool in our book.

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