Michael Canale Wins for Best Hair Color for Jennifer Aniston–Find Out How to Get Her Color

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Congratulations! Michael Canale was named “Best Colorist” for Jennifer Aniston’s color in Elle’s August 2015 issue.

He won for Aniston’s iconic look–which was created by using his ansenal of techniques to create the perfect, natural, sun-kissed blonde.

Lives of Style: What did you do to get the award-winning look?

Michael: I did paper thin highlights where you remove the foil and “come up with bleach, so that the hair next to the highlight section gets a sun-kissed effect. I always lift the highlights to the perfect color before coming them up so that I don’t have to do corrective measures.  And I used a light golden gloss.

Lives of Style: This is not something someone should try at home, correct? 

Michael: This is a dangerous technique and I don’t suggest doing this at home or with someone who doesn’t understand the technique.  You have to have specific textures and lifting aids that I work with. which have to be used properly and are customized with my techniques. 

Lives of Style:  What are you doing with Aniston’s hair currently?

Michael: Now we are going old school.  It is a color with a deeper base effect — at the root.  I am still keeping her bright in the front and of course using my technique of paper-thin highlights.  This is a color that has much more depth, darker at the base and lighter in the front, so it’s caramelizing the back section.  I did golden gloss on her too.

Lives of Style: With this color, how often does Aniston need to see you?

Michael:  About every five weeks since it’s a darker tone which blends with the roots.

Lives of Style: How often do you need to use a gloss?

Michael:  Your actual color should be shiny enough when done. Glosses are done to bring out the color as an accent or a color/hue enhancer. The color should be right when you are in the sink. So that it just enhances and doesn’t change things. Some times glosses can be used to subdue the golden tones or add the golden tones depending upon the gloss you use. 

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