How to get Jennifer’s “Just-Perfect” Wedding Look

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston’s wedding to Justin Theroux was the surprise event of the decade.

Aniston, beautiful, warm, playful and elegant, finally tied the knot on August 5, 2015 to her oh-so-handsome, intelligent partner, after dating since 2011.

Every girl wishes for a “dream-team” to make her feel beautiful on her wedding day, and Aniston had the best: long-time stylist Chris McMillan and Master Colourist Michael Canale–who has worked with Aniston from her early days when she was in Friends.

Canale speaks with us about how he worked on Aniston for her big day and how to look fabulous at your own nuptials.

Lives of Style: Jennifer Aniston always looks beautiful, what did you do for her colour for her wedding?

Canale: We did an old school colour: we deepened the roots and created that 2007 natural look. We did paper-thin highlights with a colour bath to break up the darkness and blend it with the lighter tips. We still kept the bright front so that it brings out her beautiful blue eyes for a naturally, sun-kissed look.

Lives of Style: Aniston is always working in films; did you have to make any changes due to what was needed for her characters?

Canale: Yes, for a recent film role they had to bring up a little warmth in her roots. And she wanted to go back to her beautiful, natural colour, keeping the depth so we moved her back to her subtly highlighted base colour.

Lives of Style: How do you determine what colour to do for your clients on their wedding day?

Canale: Wedding color is meant to bring out the bride’s best features, and also accent the hairstyle. A lot of times we do a set of highlights to bring the colour to where we want it, and then, when the stylist shows me what he or she going to do, I accent the highlights three to five days before the wedding.

We want to make sure to see the dress so that we can determine how the bride’s hair should look. So about six to nine months before a wedding we start moving a clients colour.

Lives of Style: Do you tell clients to avoid hair colour trends?

Canale: It’s a picture that you will save for the rest of your life. It’s very good not to be trendy, so in 20 years you still love the way you looked.

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