Find out how to get Jennifer Aniston’s Golden Glow


Jennifer Aniston is blessed with a beauty that at once is radiant, sexy, approachable and sophisticated. And she always looks amazing on the red carpet. We sat down with Master Celebrity Colorist Michael Canale to talk about how he creates some of the most iconic looks in hair color on none other than Jennifer Aniston.

Lives of Style: What did you do for Jennifer Aniston?  She looked spectacular at the 2015 American Cinematheque Awards.

Michael: Still maintaining the depth we glamour-ed up the hair color. We went back to brighter hair and brightened the hairline and the crown. We layered a natural set of highlights and then we went  back and placed highlights to bring out that natural appearance–to enhance it.  It is a sun-kissed look–so it appears as if she is out in the sun–under the lights.

Lives of Style: How is color altered for award season?

Michael: During award season, when highlights are around the face–and when she’s on the red carpet–her whole being glows.

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