Celebrity Colorist Michael Canale Tells Us Why it’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking about Your Hair Colour for Your Wedding


You may think it’s too early to start planning for your June wedding but Celebrity Colourist Michael Canale suggests starting focusing on your colour now.

Lives of Style: When do you start working with clients who are planning for their Big Day?

Michael: About six to nine months before a wedding. It’s important to meet with my client and their stylist so that we can start moving colour. After you have picked your dress we can talk about how you want to wear your hair. And I adjust the colour to the hairstyle.

Lives of Style: What is the process like?

Michael: A lot of times we do a set of highlights to bring the colour to where we want it and then, when the stylist shows me exactly what they are going to do, I accent the highlights three to five days before the wedding.

Lives of Style: What type of accents do you do with highlighting?

Michael: I like do highlights around the face–and then, there is a certain style of highlighting for updos, or for enhancing hair if it is going to be worn down or in a side lift. It’s all tailored, so it is a couture look for the wedding.

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