The making of a red carpet darling

misha barton

The making of an eye-catching, red carpet darling takes a team: a beautiful celebrity, a world-renowned stylist, a A-list make-up artist and a hair team extraordinaire.

Elizabeth Hurley blasted onto the scene with her provocative Versace safety pin dress. Jennifer Aniston became America’s darling with the “Rachel,” and millions of women attempted to copy her look. Even Kim Kardashian needed a team to become “Kim.”

During the Cannes Film Festival Misha Burton was re-discovered as a breathtaking red-hot, red carpet beauty while promoting “The DeCameron.”

An integral part of the evolution of her look was the creation of her luscious golden locks that seemed to glisten—reflecting the French Rivera sun directly above.

Celebrity colorist Michael Canale – who is known for creating the color for top celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Heidi Klum – updated and enhanced Barton’s look with a light touch of blonde that’s the epitome of “natural” at it’s best.

Canale took Barton’s light brown hue and created a tint that literally “glowed on the red carpet. He said, “For her new look we used golden highlights and sandy tones around her face to bring out her brilliant blue eyes.”

The color is a natural blend of blonde—brighter at the front, which “enhances her look, instead of being a drastic change.”

He also created a bespoke gloss that enhances the color and makes it look like the sun is shining on your hair on the red carpet.

Canale points out that he likes to use glosses because they do a few things. First, they protect the hair and act as a buffer for styling aids and build a barrier to prolong hair color. And second, gloss makes hair look fabulous with camera lighting–and is sure to make you a red carpet darling too.

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