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Makeup Monday…

Your inner child dreams are about to come true. Clinique and Crayola just announced a collaboration for Chubby Lip Crayons that are here for a limited time! These thick tinted lip balms are color-matched with existing Clinique shades to classic Crayola colors to create a new Crayola name and logo for the packaging. For example, Clinique’s Pudgy Peony turned into the Crayola name Razzmatazz! According to Clinique’s product development director, the idea behind this exclusive line is to evoke the happiness that we used to feel as kids with a box of crayons and to now associate that connection with adulthood as you color your lips with these color sticks. But don’t wait to get your hands on the collection cause it will disappear in February!



Transformation Tuesday…

Ever dreamed of having high-tech LED skin treatments like the celebs? Well Samsung hopes to soon make that a reality for everyone with a product called the S-Skin. Though a launch date hasn’t been announced yet, Samsung will introduce the S-Skin as well as another skincare product, the Lumini, at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Showcase this month! The idea behind the S-Skin is that it will sensor redness, hydration levels, and melanin on the skin and deliver LED wavelengths to accommodate the irregularities that it detects. It is also designed to position nano tech “microneedles” to whiten, lift, and firm the skin. We’re excited to see how this will revolutionize at-home skincare!

s skin


Wear-It Wednesday…

In 2017, it’s time to stay away from the ordinary and that starts with your tights. Instead of sticking to the classic opaque black tights, why not give your wardrobe a rough edge with fishnets? Now you’re probably thinking that fishnets are too grungy or hard to pull off, but in fact there are many ways to style it in a way that any fashion girl can wear it! For example, try pairing fishnets underneath your boyfriend jeans that include huge holes in them so that the fishnet can peek through. Or take a note from Lainy Hedaya and wear fishnet socks with a pair of black heels for an edgy lady-like look. Or forget the tights altogether and wear a fishnet top like model Aymeline Valade and pair it with a black blazer and trousers for a classy look. How would you wear fishnets?



Throwback Thursday…

It’s time to relish in your inner Spice girl, cause the leather pants of the 90’s are officially back again! If you wanna look like a cool grunge girl, get inspired by Gigi Hadid who went for a full on 90’s look in black leather pants and a black vintage tee and paired it with a denim jacket covered in vintage logos and patches. To complete the throwback look, Gigi’s hair was tied up with a scrunchie and she wore blue colored sunglasses to top it off. Kate Upton went for a more low-key look in an all black ensemble and paired her black leather pants with a black leather moto jacket and black suede boots. Selena Gomez took the bolder route in nude colored leather pants and paired it with a white turtleneck sweater and black ankle strapped heels. How would you rock a pair of leather pants?

leather pants


Fun Friday…

We all know that Christian Louboutin is known for designing sexy stiletto heels, but have you heard about his dip into the beauty world? In addition to the existing line of lip lacquers and nail polishes, the brand is now releasing a new limited-edition line of Loubichrome Nail Colours that feature three beautiful shades: fuchsia, golden yellow, and violet. Like the other nail polishes from the brand, the cap of the bottle features the same iconic spiked stiletto look but feature a rainbow and holographic design on it this time. The colors themselves contain light-reflecting pigments that glisten in different lighting making your nails looks more luxurious than a piece of jewelry! Snag these mini bottles for just $30 each if you want to get a taste of the Louboutin life!
nail polish

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