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Felicity Jones

Makeup Monday…

If you’re in touch with the makeup world, then more likely than not you have heard every other beauty blogger rave about the Artis palm brush. This makeup brush, which comes in many sizes and looks a lot like a toothbrush at first, is actually meant to apply foundation or any other form of makeup as smoothly as possible on the skin without leaving a single streak! And unlike a regular makeup brush, it’s designed to be held more comfortably, which explains the toothbrush-like handle.



Transformation Tuesday…

Korean beauty products have had a great influence on the beauty market due to their superb face masks, serums, and other products, but they aren’t always easy to obtain. That is until now. Target just included a new Korean beauty brand called Peach & Lily, which is a popular Korean beauty site founded by Alicia Yoon. The official launch is on January 22nd and best of all, most of the products are under $30! One product that we’re excited about is the Pore Cleansing Blackhead Bubble Pack! This product is made with 100% natural charcoal powder, sparkling water, and small oxygen bubbles to permeate the skin and release clogged pores, and thus leaving you with a refreshing feel.



Wear-It Wednesday…

If the fashion at the Golden Globes is an indicator of future trends, then we’re predicting that 2017 is the year to be pretty in pink! Many stars came out on the red carpet in stunning pale pink dresses that were elegant to say the least. One of the biggest standouts was Lily Collins in a delicately embroidered Zuhair Murad Couture dress. We love the illusion neckline and the small sequins and floral pattern throughout the beautiful pink tulle dress. Felicity Jones also opted for an elegant sheer pink dress complete with a black lined ruffle neckline and a bow belt to extenuate the waist. Carrie Underwood took a risk at the Golden Globes this year in a pink Iris Serban dress that also included ruffle detailing at the top but a simple sheath silhouette for the bottom.



Throwback Thursday…

If you lived during the Kennedy years or if you’re inspired by Jackie Kennedy’s fashion, then you might be familiar with the 60’s box purse trend. And now they are back, but this time they tend to include a little flair like a pom pom keychain or studs! If you want a more classic look, take a note from Alicia Vikander who was spotted wearing a simple black box purse from Louis Vuitton and paired with a white button up dress and white strapped heels. If you want to stay more on the funky and modern side check out Fendi’s line of box purses, which include bold colors and even feathers!

box purse


Fun Friday…

It’s official, Katy Perry is finally giving out sneak peeks for her new shoe line coming out this spring! And just as you would expect from the eccentric singer, it is full of fun colors and dream-like designs and screams Katy Perry all over it! Luckily enough, the shoes also won’t break the bank as the collection will be priced between $59 to $299. We can’t wait to see the rest of the fun and funky shoe line!

katy perry


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