New Haute Hair Color Technique for 2017

Denise Richards

Ombre is out and natural sun-kissed color is in for 2017.

Michael Canale, celebrity hair colorist and creator of Jennifer Aniston’s beautiful blonde haircolor, recently re-worked Denise Richards color tones and created a perfect beach blonde hue that shines as if she has just returned from a Hawaiian vacation.

Canale moved her color from ombre–with dark roots and spotted highlights, to old school Canale — a natural blend of highlights with a pop in the front. It is seemless highlighting with a new peakaboo high-beam technique –under certain lighting conditions the color looks intensified and the highlights pop.

The technique brings freedom to Richards because there is more longevity to her color–due to the fact that the highlights are connected to her natural color–which ensures that her hair will look fabulous and won’t need a touch up for an easy eight weeks.

Denise Richards

Richards is back in front of the camera in her new series, “A Girl is A Gun,” which will be streaming on Blackpills and Canale has ensured that she will shine in front of the camera.

To find out more about Michael Canale click here.  

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