Canale the Creator — a Maestro Haircolorist Shows How it’s Done in 2017


“New Year– New You” has become trite in 2017.

We want the new new–and the breakthrough color techniques that celebrities on red-carpets represent.

And we want them NOW!

Colorist Michael Canale–known for keeping Jennifer Aniston’s “most-coveted” color front-and-center through decades–it the man to watch.

Canale’s techniques have always been based on creating color that looks natural, sun-kissed–and which enhances a woman’s iconic beauty. This is due to his incorporation of natural color, paper-thin highlights and glosses that create shine and provide hue enhancement.

It’s real–only better.

His new “Canale Shadow Technique,” which he uses on many clients, including famous model Carolyn Murphy, is achieved by hand painting the hairline to remove darkness from those baby hairs that the foils can’t pick up (it is only for professionals and the top of their field at that because it can damage your hair if not applied correctly). The shadows disappear and Canale uses a bleach wash over the hairline for an extra pop and to blend in all of the other highlights so there are no dark spots. It creates natural baby blonde baby hairs for a perfect hairline.

And perfect hair color is what Canale is after each and every time.

C’est magnifique!

To find out more about Michael Canale click here.  

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