Haute Spring Hair Colour

Hillary Vaughn Canale

Spring is in the air and it’s time to refresh, and reinvigorate our look.

Celebrity Colorist Michael Canale, known for creating Jennifer Aniston’s colour for “the Rachael,” as well memorable hues for other Hollywood celebrities, including Heidi Klum, Shakira, Penelope Cruz, Carolyn Murphy and more.

Canale’s new spring trend is old school “Canale” colour–natural blended highlights. And “Baby Blonde” is the hue of the season–which Canale created for Hillary Vaughn, a Los Angeles based correspondent for FNC and FBN.

These are enhancing highlights – since it only improves the colour, rather than changing it.

Thus, a seamless effect is created.

All the highlights are tied to Vaughn’s natural blonde colour so that the baby blonde paper thin highlights just add a little glow.

It’s the perfect way to leave your colourist. And, after all, who doesn’t want a little pizazz in their life?

To find out more about Michael Canale click here.  

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