Trendy Tuesday…

kim kardashian

It’s no secret that the huge choker trend will not die down anytime soon. Since its arrival on the fashion scene last year, designers have come out with many variations in materials like velvet, ribbon, suede, leather, and the list goes on. But after seeing the Saint Laurent and Chanel shows during Paris Fashion Week last month, we’re eyeing a whole new kind of choker, the crystal choker! At the rocket ship themed Chanel show, we saw models with not just one, but two glittering chokers stacked on top of each other, while the Saint Laurent models donned a crystal choker and a black choker twisted together. The crystal choker is a perfect statement piece for dressing up an outfit for the office or for a dinner date. How would you wear the crystal choker?


(Photos: Pinterest, Huffington Post, Elle)




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