Wear-It Wednesday…


In a world where mixing pinks and reds was once a fashion taboo, no longer exists. In fact, these two colors have become a popular color combo lately. Thanks to designers and street style icons alike, the two unlikely colors have become complimentary pops of color, and the brighter, the better. Lately, magenta and red have been color blocked in coats, pleated skirts, and even dresses. Just take a look at the Valentino Spring 2017 collection for a glimpse at all the possibilities. Or another popular option is to wear an all pink outfit and use an accent of red with an accessory like red shoes or a red bag, or vice versa with an all red outfit. Though we’re not used to seeing these two warm colors next to each other like it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re willing to hop on the trend. How do you feel about mixing pink and red?



(Photos: Vogue, Who What Wear)


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