Hair Damage: Get it Fixed and Look Gorgeous!

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Relying on too many high-heat styling tools, over-bleaching strands, or not using the correct hair products can damage the health of your hair.

Michael Canalé, “Celebrity Hair Colourist to the Stars”—known for creating knock-out, natural hues that are celebrity-worthy, is also a maestro at bringing distressed hair back to health.

Our Lives of Style Hair Colouring Expert: Michael Canalé, answers some of your questions this week and you will want to follow his sage advice—which will ensure you shine this summer.

Lives of Style: What can you do if a styling tool burns your hair and ends of your hair are fried?

Michael: First, you have to trim the length to match it up at the ends. You can also use my conditioner—Canalé SOFTEN, and also use Canalé NOURISH—my Vitamin Thickening Foam.

SOFTEN—the conditioner, contains a blend of natural oils and protective anti-oxidants—that is specially formulated to restore hair shine and luster, reducing breakage and bringing your best color to life.

NOURISH—the topical vitamin thickening foam, contains a high-levels of essential vitamins and nutrients that help to improve fullness, cuticle integrity and strength and works from the cuticle layer as promotes vibrant, natural hair growth. So you are really addressing the inside and outside of the hair.

One important thing to remember when using the vitamin thickening foam is that it is important to place it at your roots and not on the outer hair shaft, so that it can work at the cuticle layer.

I also recommend using my shampoo–CLEANSE, by Canalé, as it allows the foam to get to the follicle layer. The shampoo restores hair with natural cleansing agents, formulated to bring out color while extending the longevity of the pigment.

Lives of Style: For people who have over bleached how do you bring them back to normal? How do you protect the hair from getting over-processed?

Michael: You have to build the hair back up layer by layer as if you are creating a painting. You are essentially “creating a color.” For an example, I might use a warm golden color and then to build it up I might layer a golden brown over that—and then I might do another lighter golden highlight over that.

We have to put a foundation of color into the hair. I apply it to the root area of the hair—and then I can make it work beautifully. To create a natural, radiant hair color, I need to blend the color I’m creating with the original root color—and then it looks amazing.

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