Common Hair Colour Mistakes You DON’T Want to Make


Celebrity Master Colourist Michael Canale–known for creating Jennifer Aniston’s iconic hair colour, dishes on how to keep your own colour looking great — and how to avoid the biggest hair colour mistakes

Lives of Style: What are the common mistakes people make when coloring their hair?

Michael: Not staying with the same colourist. If you keep switching colourists they don’t know what is under the coluor. When you find a good colourist stick with him or her. I see a lot of breakage. A lot of people are moving from brown to blonde and blonde to brown, so you have to go to a good colourist who knows your hair and knows what is going on.

Lives of Style: What causes a lot of the damage?

Michael: The French technique of Balayage is a very masterful technique and there are a certain colorists who have gotten really good at it, but it’s the biggest reason why extensions are so popular.

Lives of Style: Why is that?

Michael: Balayage is a major culprit for hair damage, is too aggressive for hair and it accidentally overlaps bleach all the time. There is a specific amount of time you can leave the colour on the hair and some hair colourists have left it on the hair for two hours. No matter how careful you are, when you over-blonde it damages the hair and the hair gets fried.

Lives of Style: How do you colour distressed hair that has been damaged by Balayage?

Michael: I ease them into a foiling technique because they already have blonde tips, so it’s easy to work with. I might use Balayage for first and second time I work with them to get the color moving and then we use foil technique for full control.

For clients who like the look but don’t want the damage, I can deepen the base of the highlight to give the illusion of dark to light. Then I do my signature highlights around the face. For Jennifer Aniston, I once highlighted Jennifer twice in one sitting, deepening the base and then highlighting with my paper-thin highlights, so we went from a medium brown to a caramelized brown and with golden blonde accent highlights. It’s a way to create a darker to lighter look without damaging the hair.

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