Must-Read! Get the Right Hair Colour For You

Cameron Diaz in the Holiday

Ever wonder how celebrities’ hair colour always shines and looks radiant on them?

Master Colourist, Michael Canale, known for creating Jennifer Aniston’s golden hue, sheds light on how to pick the right hair colour.

Lives of Style: How do you pick the right hair colour?

Michael: I look at my client’s colouring, clothing and eye colour. God usually gives you the right colour so I pay attention to my client’s natural hair colour.

For example–if I look at the underside of their wrist and it is a blue tone then she’s a “Summer.” “Summer” people are usually born as tow-heads and get ashier as they get older. So for my clients who are a “Summer,” I do cooler-toned highlights. For many “Summer” clients I leave more of the natural hair colour and do my paper-thin highlights for a nice rich colour, so that the hair keeps its integrity. I don’t want to lighten to the point of damage.

“Winter” clients can have a light complexion with a rosy cheek but also typically include Indians and African Americans. “Winters” wear more solid colours, richer colours, and have a warm brown to their hair colour. For “Summer” and “Winter” clients I don’t usually want to put warm gold, red, copper or caramel tones on their hair.

“Autumn” and “Spring” are yellow undertones with a peachy complexion. “Autumn” clients have more copper in their hair naturally. I would never put ash on an “Autumn” or a “Spring.” I use gold, yellow gold or copper colours. If you lift an “Autumn” or “Spring half a shade you will get a red or copper tone and my clients don’t want a warm tone–so going to a master colourist is important. I manipulate the colour and highlight to precise hues or do numerous coats of colour to control the colour.

If it’s the wrong colour, you will see shadow under their eyes and they would always have to wear makeup. I know when I have the right colour because my clients don’t need to wear makeup—their skin shines.

Lives of Style: What’s the most requested colour?

Michael: The most request colours are baby blonde or caramel blonde. When it’s wet it’s slightly gold.

Lives of Style: What are Cameron Diaz or Bella Heathcote —two celebrities you have worked with?

Michael: Cameron Diaz is a cool-toned blonde and if it’s not done correctly her hair will disintegrate. When I worked with her on the movie, “Holiday,” I used paper-thin cool-toned highlights for a light baby blonde look.

I am keeping Bella golden—moving her to more of a “Summer” cool-toned look—which is not done overnight – it’s accomplished over time–with finesse.

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