Tips on How to Get and Keep the Hair Color You Desire

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Lives of Style’s Monday with Michael ™ ©2017, provides expert advice on hair color, styling, care and conditioning—for a more beautiful YOU.

Our Lives of Style Authority: Master Colorist to the Stars: Michael Canale–in the business for over 30 years, is renowned for creating natural sun-streaked hair and classic blonde shades that get raves.

One of Hollywood’s most sought-after colorists, Canale’s clients have included movie star royalty like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Heidi Klum, Carolyn Murphy, Carmen Electra, Denise Richards and more.

Canale is a staple on Allure’s “Best of the Best” as a superior hair colorist who “lightens blondes to a baby-like perfection.”

Canale shares tips on how to get and keep the color you want.

Lives of Style: What should you do before you go to the salon which can help your colorist get the correct color?

Michael: Clean your hair before you go to the salon for color. While there is some controversy about this, it is a fact that it takes longer for the chemicals to break through dirt to perform the reaction desired. If the hair is not too dirty, the dirt will help protect the scalp from the sometimes harsh reaction to the skin. “Too dirty” is a relative term, and includes styling products and processes. So you should always have a clean head when you plan on getting your hair colored.

Lives of Style: How should you wear your hair?

Michael: And you should always wear your hair as you normally do. If you don’t then you might get a look that you wont like on an everyday basis. So if you usually wear your hair straight go to the salon with straight hair. If you usually curl your hair go to the salon with curls. This will give your stylist a set idea of what will look good on you on a day to day basis.

Lives of Style: How do I keep my color looking good in between going to the salon?

Michael: Hot water causes fading. As we all know heat opens up the cuticle this is where the color pigment molecules are. So if you are wondering why your color never sticks and you are taking showers that could heat up some pasta–that is your problem. You should wash your hair with lukewarm water or better yet cold.

Lives of Style: How often should I get it touched up?

Michael: If you are a blonde with highlights you would want to get it re-colored every four to eight weeks. If you use a base color then you would want to come in after four weeks. If you are a brunette it really depends upon how fast it fades. I prefer making brunettes with semi-permanent color in case someone changes their mind. If you are using a gloss you would want to do it every four shampoos. A gloss acts as a retardant for fading. My glosses last three weeks. An over the counter gloss probably lasts every shampoo.

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