Say Bye Bye to Damaged Hair, New Michael Canale Hair Care System

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We at Lives of Style hear that some product, device, application is revolutionary a few times a day and ever hopeful, we research, purchase or download it and are more often than not disappointed, out money that we could put towards a fabulous dress, new tech gadget or popular toy for one of our team’s adorable baby girl.

Now, doubtful after many attempts at finding that “it” thing which will change our life; we more cautious and more discerning.

We am extremely judicious when it comes to beauty products and especially regarding our hair—color and health. One of our producers searched out Michael Canale over a decade ago when she read about him in Allure and discovered that he created Jennifer Aniston’s hair color for “the Rachel,” and has continued her direction of color ever since.

Over many years she has stayed true to Canale because he is a master with color and she never have to have it corrected (which wasn’t the case with previous colorists) and she always walks out of his salon in Beverly Hills feeling fabulous.

She recently had a baby and noticed that her hair was changing; it was breaking off more, feeling more brittle and looking lackluster. Enter our hero; Canale mentioned that he created a new line of products that are vitamins for the hair and are specifically formulated for the needs of color treated hair. And we thought to ourselves, “could this be the “it” product that we were looking for?” We bought the line at his Beverly Hills salon and decided that we would give it a try.

After two months of using the shampoo, vitamin foam and conditioner we can honestly say that it’s revolutionary. Our hair is softer, shinier and healthier and we are happier – which is extremely important.

One of our producers said, “Every time I shampoo with “Cleanse,” I feel like I am entering a tropical paradise,” the fragrance is refreshing blend of lavender oil, Shea butter and grapefruit extract with notes of bamboo, jasmine and oriental woods. And more importantly we noticed that after shampooing our hair, it isn’t tangled and still maintains color and moisture.

We especially love the vitamin foam—“Nourish.” You put it on the scalp, not the hair, so section your hair a little so you can get the product to your skin, leave it on for three to five minutes and then rinse it out and add the conditioner–or like our new mom, if you’re lazy or hurried (which 99% of the time we are right?) I just add the conditioner to the ends and rinse out.

It’s the crown jewel of the line as it was formulated with antioxidants and vitamins that promote natural hair growth and strengthen the integrity of the cuticle for stronger hair and improve the ability for the hair to hold color.

The conditioner aptly called “Soften,” is a blend of natural oils and protective antioxidants that are formulated to enhance hair shine, reduce breakage and create softness. After one use our hair felt softer and silkier and we appreciate that it also aids in maintaining my hair color.

The dry shampoo—“Refresh”—is now available and we are so excited– it is a lifesaver not to mention timesaver—as it extends the time that you have to wash your hair which has the added benefit of extending the life of your color.

When our hair is healthy we realized we feel happy. It’s refreshing to find products that actually make us feel better!

To find out more about Michael Canale click here.

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