Kate Hudson’s Golden Pregnancy Safe Make-Over

Kate Hudson

American Sweetheart—Kate Hudson, actress, businesswoman and mother to two (with one on the way), is known for her prodigious talent, relatability, fashion-forward style and gorgeous locks.

Our Lives of Style Authority: Master Colorist to the Stars: Michael Canale recently worked with Kate to create a trend-worthy look, which brings out her gorgeous face and has the added benefit of being “baby safe.” Michael proves that your hair color can still look fabulous—even when you’re pregnant.

Canale–in the business for over 30 years, is renowned for creating natural sun-streaked hair and classic blonde shades that get raves. One of Hollywood’s most sought-after colorists, Canale’s clients have included movie star royalty like Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Heidi Klum, Carolyn Murphy, Carmen Electra, Denise Richards and more.

Lives of Style: What did you design for Kate Hudson’s hair color?:

Michael: I took care of Kate because she is pregnant, so no base color and only highlights—with a special gloss to make it look shiny. I did my signature “Canale” natural color with proper blending, using paper-thin highlights. Her hair is short and growing out so I colored it to look good as it grows out. I popped her whole head with a bespoke placement of highlights so she can part it anywhere—giving her hair movement, while looking natural and sun kissed.

Lives of Style: What would you call the hue you created?

Michael: She had three inches of dark blonde roots with blonde tips and we connected the tips to make it look blonder. So we pulled her hair color to a baby blonde – the lightest of golds: when it’s wet it has a golden cast and it is brighter when dry—It brings out her blue eye color.

Lives of Style: What do you do differently when working with clients who are pregnant?

Michael: When you’re pregnant you can do highlights as long as you don’t breathe the fumes, and you don’t want to place any bleach on the scalp. Tints are placed on the scalp so we avoid them. We don’t like to do color until after the 2ndtrimester. You can do a bleach wash or a color bath – but avoid fumes. Kate used a magazine to fan herself.

And remember, if you’re pregnant don’t’ be around Brazilian blowouts or keratin treatments.

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