Grow Healthy Luscious Locks

Jennifer Aniston

How do you get shiny, long, luscious locks?

It’s a question that most women we know ask themselves regularly.

Renowned haircolourist to the stars, Michael Canale, known for natural, healthy, lustrous hair colour, Michael shares his secrets for helping hair grow and transforming hair to become shiny, healthy and luminescent.

Lives of Style: Everyone wants to know what’s the best way to get hair to grow? What’s the process?

Michael: Eating properly, living a balanced lifestyle. By ensuring your diet is balanced you’ll get enough nutrients to have healthy hair.

Check out my new vitamin line, Replenish. I made my vegan vitamin line out of super foods, which support healthy hair. If you are lacking in nutrients your hair is going to suffer and my products supply my clients with nutrients and vitamins that stimulate the hair to it’s fullest.

I also recently launched Replenish Boost, which is organic spirulina, and works in conjunction with Replenish to support strong, thick, vibrant hair.

We have a lot of people writing in that their hair is getting stronger and longer faster.

Lives of Style: Jennier Aniston, a long-time client of yours, has talked about using vitamins including “blue-green algae” even dating back to 2001. Did you suggest to her to use these vitamins when she wanted to grow her hair longer after cutting it off?

Michael: Replenish is a vitamin line I made 17 years ago and now I’ve re-made it to the the highest quality with cellular absorption. I had a doctor make it for me from Medical Targeted Pharma.

I went to the Sikh’s in LA early in my career, finding out information about how they grew their hair. Sikh’s believe hair is the antennae to God and their belief is to allow one’s hair to grow naturally out of respect for the perfection of God’s creation. They use blue green algae or spirulina. I then began researching the nutrient and saw how it helps create strong, shiny hair. And I provide the purest form of the nutrients that is available, being 100% vegan and gluten free.

Hair is a byproduct of what we consume and we have developed nutrients which, when accumulated , produce healthy hair. I advise my clients to take one capsule a day for 10 days and then double the dose.

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