Choo Lovers Dream: Jimmy Choo Celebrates its 15th Anniversary with Well-Heeled Capsule Collection

Natalie-Portman and the Macy Sandal

An iconic silhouette on runways, red carpets and the floorboards of exclusive parties everywhere, luxe footwear brand Jimmy Choo has been delighting shoe lovers for fifteen years. Known for embellishment and elegance, Jimmy Choo will be releasing “Icons,” a capsule collection of 15 shoe styles from the company’s archives.

These pieces of “walking art” include the Feather, which prompted a Choo-less Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw to proclaim in dismay, “I lost my Choo!” and the Macy, a must-have classic sandal worn by a glowing and pregnant Natalie Portman at the 2011 Oscars. These foot adornments will be available only at Jimmy Choo shops, ranging between $850 to $3,785.

Jimmy Choo Co-Founder Tamara Mellon has committed to donating 10% of net sales to the new Jimmy Choo Foundation, which will support women’s charities, including a focus on such issues as domestic violence and the sex slave industry.

For those who want to display Jimmy Choo in their living room as well as their closet, all of the profits of a new coffee table book titled Jimmy Choo XV will be donated towards the foundation. The book will be in Jimmy Choo Stores in November and sold at bookstores internationally in February 2012.

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