Naomi Campbell Designs Capsule Collection with Fiorucci—Fit for a Supermodel

General Director of Fiorucci Edouard Obringer, Naomi Campbell and General Director of Itr Alessandro Locatelli

In Milan, Super Model Naomi Campbell introduced a new 15 piece, denim capsule collection for Spring-Summer 2012 with Italian fashion brand Fiorucci.

Campbell is sharpening her designer scissors again, having had challenges in the past with other design partnerships, and Fiorucci has been M.I.A. since the brand’s success in the ‘70’s and early ‘80’s.

Nevertheless, Campbell is confident. “I am very excited to be collaborating with [Fiorucci] on their revival and can’t wait to wear the new jeans collection we’ve created,” she says.

Campbell is putting her own imprint on the collection.

“I thought about what would enhance women. I’ve a lot of jeans, as I’ve said, but it’s difficult to find ones that fit perfectly, so I always wear the same ones,” Campbell admits.

“For the capsule collection, I thought about what I liked and what I didn’t like. So no low pockets–it’s better to have them higher so they have almost a push-up effect,” she says.

Edwardo Obringer, managing director of Fiorucci adds, “I was really impressed by Naomi’s professionalism during the development of this collection and all the love she put into this project.”

Hopeful that the collaboration of Campbell’s new line with Fiorucci will give them the big break that they have been waiting for.

In addition to the denim capsule collection Fiorucci will feature T-shirts imprinted with covers from Magazine I-D issues which Campbell has graced.

We can’t wait to put them on!

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