Shades of Beauty – Contour and Highlight Your Way to Perfection

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Made popular by the late Kevyn Aucoin, and Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, contouring and highlighting the face has become a makeup artist staple.

Why do we contour and highlight? We use contouring to recede certain areas, while we use highlighting to push certain areas forward. It is important to remember that the two techniques play off each other, and therefore are both necessary.

It is equally important to recognize your face shape. If you have a wider and/or rounder face shape, then you will want to focus your contouring at the sides of the face along the cheekbones, temples, jaw line, and sides of the nose. Long faces should focus contouring on the forehead, chin, and tip of the nose. The high points of the face should be highlighted. This will exaggerate your bone structure and add luminosity.

There are countless contouring products on the market. For lighter skin tones, a matte bronzing powder such as Benefit’s “Hoola” works well as you can control the amount of product being applied and you can build up slowly. For darker skin tones, Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Sticks are great because their creamy formula allows for quick and seamless blending. Contouring rule of thumb: go two shades darker!

While there are many contouring products, there are even more highlighting products! Highlighters come in everything from liquid to powder, matte to shimmer, and drugstore to high end. Choose what you believe would flatter you skin type and tone best. Highlighting rule of thumb: go two shades lighter!

Once your contour and highlight products have been applied it’s time to blend! Ultimately you want this to look natural, like your own bone structure, so blend with your preferred blending brush until all harsh lines are gone.

Contouring and highlighting will help you to create the face shape you desire and a look worthy of a runway.

So give it a try and let your inner model out!

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