Fashion Trailblazer: Grace Jones

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Fashion lovers are highly anticipating the appearance of fashion trailblazers during Fashion Week coming soon.

One could question what does a trailblazer look like?

Present day fashion trailblazers would qualify as those who are daring, innovative, attention-grabbing, and provocative with social commentary.

Artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj fit the description and captivate audiences with their outrageous costumes during their performances and on the red carpet.

But, who lead the way before them?

Many would argue that Grace Jones is the icon who exemplifies what these modern day pop stars showcase and that she is a woman who prepared the world for them.

Grace Jones began her career as a performance artist through her work as fashion model in New York and Paris.

Modern day supermodels such as Amber Rose and Sessilee Lopez are often compared to Jones and replicate her images.

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In the spirit of Josephine Baker, Jones used her performance art as commentary on sexuality and the primitive images of black women which made her famous in The City of Lights.

She was especially known for working with visual artists such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Paul Goude taking on provocative imagery and characters and being confrontational on stage in her costumes.

Can you say meat dress?

Jones shot into pop music posterity in the 1970’s. She was one of the first female pop singers to use androgyny in her appearance, and is even credited for being one of the first people to sport the “flat-top” hair style which was trendy among black men during the 80’s. Her hit “Pull Up To My Bumper” is likely her most famous song in the U.S. Yet, she has had a successful acting career appearing in films with stars like Arnold Schwarznegger and Eddie Murphy.

Jones still performs today. She was recently seen at the Etam runway show during Paris Fashion Week modeling and performing with Chaka Khan and The Pointer Sisters. Still wild and provocative some have given Jones the title as The Original Gaga.

We at Lives of Style look to appreciate and recognize her as fashion inspiration.

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