Self-Styled Retro Look for the Summer!

Vintage Look

Looking to spice up your summer wardrobe with some vintage/retro wear? Take some fashion tips from past style icons, and mix and match their best looks! For the past few years, both skinny jeans and high-waisted pants have been popular both on the runway and on the street. Keira Knightley and Zoe Saldana, among many other celebs, have adopted the high-waisted look, courtesy of Miss Katherine Hepburn

High-waisted pants are perhaps so well-loved because they’re very versatile. They come in jeans, cropped and in a long sophisticated look. They can be worn casually or formally, depending on the occasion, with a t-shirt or a feminine tie blouse. Wear them with a floppy hat, dark sunglasses, and heels, boots, or pretty sandals, and you’re good to go!

Bangs are also in style at present and worn in different ways. Zooey Deschanel has long been praised for her thick 1960s style bangs. More recently, Marion Cotillard has sported more 1950s inspired bangs, drawing on Audrey Hepburn’s classic fringe for their locks. If you’re looking to either get bangs or re-work them into a vintage style, consider looking to past trends for inspiration.

Your summer retro-look is not complete until you obtain the right swimsuit. Unique Vintage has some great swimsuit options ranging from 1940s and 1950s one-piece dress-like suits to two-piece suits with floral crochet shorts. Think Rita Hayworth and Sophia Loren. The feminine prints and cuts far surpass your go-to bikini. These are some ideas to jumpstart your renewed summer look.

Create your own retro looks for the summer, if you so desire!

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