Star Style: Advice from Scarlett Johansson and Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

Have you ever searched for beauty and style tips from your favorite glamorous celebrities? Look no further! Beautiful actresses Scarlett Johansson and Liv Tyler share some of their “style smarts” with fellow style enthusiasts…

Scarlett Johansson – actress and face of Dolce & Gabbana – offers beauty tips on how to prepare for a special occasion:

• Try a natural home remedy such as a honey facemask to soften and brighten your skin. After showering, use a spoon to apply some honey to your face. Wait ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse and gently dry your skin. Now you have created the perfect pre-foundation for your face.
• Achieve a subtle look for your night out. The eyes and lips are most noticeable, so apply a bit of eyeliner and red lipstick or try pairing smoky eyes with pale lips.

Liv Tyler – the face of Pantene hair-care – gives her best recommendations for how you can discover and invent your personal style:

• Try out various styles and cuts for your hair to find your ideal look. It can be “in the moment” or long lasting, depending on your individual style.
• Study past and present media such as films, pictures and books for ideas. You can also use what others are wearing as references.
• Examine both past and contemporary designer collections and experiment with some different looks.
• Add some basic accessories to your wardrobe to complete your repertoire.

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