Alexander Wang to Succeed Nicolas Ghesquière as Creative Director of Balenciaga

Alexander Wang

Rumors have abounded over the past few days, but market sources today confirmed that Alexander Wang will indeed be named the new Creative Director of Balenciaga. He follows in the footsteps of the legendary Nicolas Ghesquière, who took the reins in 1997 and transformed Balenciaga from a declining brand known mostly for its fragrances to one of the most cutting-edge and influential houses in fashion. After fifteen years, he is set to officially exit Balenciaga today.

28-year-old Wang has some rather large shoes to fill, but with a hugely successful label of his own the New York designer is no stranger to the demands of running a fashion house. It will be interesting to see where Wang takes the label, as his youthful, sportwear-oriented approach is very different from Ghesquière’s couture-like craftsmanship. The choice of Alexander Wang may be indicative of Balenciaga’s wish to open the brand out to a wider audience. Wang has said of his own line: “we really see our audience and our consumer as a global citizen, someone who isn’t defined by where they live or what kind of music they listen to, things like that. It’s a sensibility that is much more individual.”

With 62 Balenciaga stores worldwide and a label of his own to run Wang will have his work cut out for him, but we are confident that he will rise to the challenge. We’re expecting great things, Mr. Wang.

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