#1 Relationship Expert Dr. Pat Allen Gives Must-Try Tips to Get Your Man

Dr. Pat Allen

Lives of Style is proud to introduce America’s #1 Relationship Expert: Dr. Pat Allen – advisor to “Millionaire Matchmaker” and author of 6 books–and DVD’s, CD’s–including, “Getting to I Do!” — her (10-year) best-selling blueprint for meeting, magnetizing and marrying your mate in 12 months.

Acclaimed as “THE Love Doctor,” lauded by Oprah as “Therapist, Comic Mother Superior,” Dr. Allen is a Marriage and Family Therapist, an internationally recognized communication and relationship expert and a Certified Transactional Analyst. Her books have become bibles to many singles–a GPS guide to the altar.

Dr. Pat Allen is now Lives of Style’s new “Relationship Style Expert!”

She’ll be blogging for us Thursdays on www.livesofstyle.com/the_last_word/ and Lives of Style will be airing select coaching segments from Dr. Allen on broadcast TV and on the Internet.


Lives of Style: Dr. Allen–welcome to Lives of Style! We’re happy to have you as our new “Relationship Style Expert.”

Dr Pat Allen: Thank you! I’m happy to be here–and to reach out to your online, web and broadcast TV audience.

Lives of Style: Dr. Allen–it’s almost that time again–end of the year, New Year’s Eve looming–and singles may be wondering–where’s my holiday romance?

Dr. Pat Allen: Okay, I’m ready to help. What do you want to know?

Lives of Style:  How about a quick Holiday Primer? Like…what do women need to know before hitting the dating scene?

Dr. Pat Allen: First, you have to know the category of man you want.  Women “want” generally, as in: “I want a man who has old money from a good family.”  But men “want” specifically. Like: “I want her. “

Lives of Style:  How do women attract men?

Dr. Pat Allen: It’s all marketing. If you’re marketing for the bad boys you dress for sex.  If you market to the good boys you dress for the family.

Lives of Style:  What is dressing for the family?

Dr. Pat Allen: It looks preppy. It likes like “good school,” “neat slacks.”  It’s the sweater that matches and is tied around the neck.

Every woman can dress for the man she’s looking to attract.  Old money dresses preppy.  New money dresses trendy.  If you like really brainy nerds, then you can wear nerdy clothes. If you like athletes then dress for an athlete.

If you’re a good girl and you dress “sexy” when you meet him, he might say to you, “You used to dress sexy and now you are “square.”

You can’t make a first impression twice.

Lives of Style: Do men really care what you’re wearing?

Dr. Pat Allen: If he just wants sex he doesn’t care what you’re wearing.  But if he’s looking for someone to relate to then he cares. Think like you’re going to an interview.

Lives of Style:  What shouldn’t you wear?

Dr. Pat Allen: Don’t wear silk, silk shows perspiration–which can translate to anxiety.  I don’t want you to perspire in front of him.  It gives away the store. Then he can “muscle power” you into sexuality.  And you give away the whole thing, all because you wore silk.  Men are very visual.

Lives of Style: How important is being in good shape?

Dr. Pat Allen: The best bodies get the best money.  It’s based on statistics.  Rich women are thin unless they’re from another culture where men have freedom to have many women.

The dirtiest trick–from a man’s perspective is for a woman is to get him off the market and then break his toy (gain weight). Women say, “All you want from me is sex. “ And the answer is yes.

Lives of Style:  Where should a woman go to meet her man?

Dr. Pat Allen: Go wherever men play.  When she’s attracting she should do what makes her happy.  If she wants to be in the sports scene it’s best if she naturally fits there.

Lives of Style:  What are some tricks of the trade?

Dr. Pat Allen: Ask for help. Or make comments. But don’t personalize it. Don’t move on him and don’t interview him. Men like to help. Hide your Thomas Guide.

Lives of Style:
Is there a Secret Weapon that will secure a first date?

Dr. Pat Allen::  Look at him for five seconds and then smile. Be approachable. Smile.   Desensitize him so he knows I’m friendly but that you’re not going to pursue him. Keep on being friendly.  Then it’s easier for him to approach you.

Lives of Style:
Well thank you Dr. Allen. That’s a great beginning!

Dr. Pat Allen: There’s more. A lot more. And I hope to continue to enlighten your audience so that they can meet, magnetize and marry the person of their dreams.

You can email questions to Dr. Pat Allen at drpatallen@livesofstyle.com

While Dr. Allen may not be able to email each of you individually, she will answer select questions on her weekly blog.

Remember, log onto www.livesofstyle.com/the_last_word/ and email Dr. Allen at drpatallen@livesofstyle.com

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