Bold and Beautiful Brows!

bold and beautiful brows

Big, bold brows are a “must-have” for the winter season, according to celebrity eyebrow designer Eliza Petrescu. Eliza – also known as “Queen of the Arch” – has shaped some of the most famous brows in Hollywood, including Jennifer Lopez, Oprah, Kim Cattrall, Cindy Crawford and Salma Hayek. Here are some of her top tips for achieving the perfect bold brow.

Growing Your Brows:

Bold brows don’t just happen overnight, so step away from the tweezers and give your brows 4 to 6 weeks to grow. Be patient – the more brow you have to work with, the more dramatic the results!

First Things First – Trimming Your Brows:

Always trim your brows before tweezing! Use a curved scissors for precise cutting and a spiral brow brush to brush the hair upwards. Trim any excess hairs above the brow line but make sure not to cut the hair too short.

Shaping Your Brows:

Follow these three simple steps for achieving the perfect brow shape for YOU!

  1. To determine how much space to leave between your eyes, hold a brow pencil parallel to the upper bridge of the nose on each side. Tweeze above the nose in between the 2 parallel lines.
  2. To determine where your arch should be, hold the pencil parallel to the outside corner of your iris.
  3. To determine the right length for your brow, hold the pencil diagonally (at a 45 degree angle) from the nostril, following the outside corner of the eye to the temple. Where the pencil ends is where your brow tail should end.

The perfect time to tweeze is right after a shower, when your skin is nice and supple. First brush your eyebrows upward, then gently pull the skin from the outer edge of the eye area and pluck one hair at a time, using a quick motion in the direction of the hair growth. Don’t overdo it and check to see that your brows are symmetrical. Always tweeze in good lighting and use a good quality slanted or pointed tweezers.

Finishing Touches:

Accent your brows with a colored pencil to define the shape and give them a polished look. Using a pencil that is darker than your natural hair color with a steady hand and light feathery strokes will help create an illusion of fuller brows. To finish, always set with a clear gel….to groom unruly brows into submission.

REMEMBER: Creating the perfect bold brow isn’t just about trimming, waxing and tweezing, Eliza says. “It’s about creating a distinctive look, an elegant style, a confident feeling.” Know what suits your age and face shape and create a look that’s unique to you.  And if you’re nervous, see a professional!

For more info on Eliza or her Madison Avenue Boutique, “Eliza’s Eyes”, go to

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