Ombre Hair, Still Trending for 2013!

Rachel Bilson

That’s right, ombre is still all the rage this year! If you haven’t tried this stylish coloring technique yet, we highly recommend that you jump on the bandwagon! Plenty of A-List celebrities are keeping this trend alive, and it’s a useful method for those of us who don’t like constant upkeep for our roots.

For anyone who still isn’t clear on this chic way of coloring your hair, it is basically a gradual shift from dark roots to light tips. This can be accomplished in a number of fashions, whether you want a drastic transformation that pops, or a subtle shift from dark to light.

This hair trend started to gain momentum way back in 2011. It’s hard to believe that this look can still be in after two years, but evidence proves that it’s still going strong. Some of the reasons for this love of two-tone color are low maintenance, boredom with solid color, and to get a fresh and fun look. Too maintain a healthy shine with ombe hair, you can add Kerastase or Moroccanoil! Apply at the ends and work your way up to the roots. So get the best of both worlds and go hybrid today!

Check out some of our favorite celebrities who have been known to rock their ombre locks with pride!

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