What Happens When People Are Narcissitic

What happens when people are narcissistic

Lives of Style is proud to introduce America’s #1 Relationship Expert: Dr. Pat Allen–advisor to “Millionaire Matchmaker” and author of 6 books–and DVD’s, CD’s–including, “Getting to I Do!” — her (10-year) best-selling blueprint for meeting, magnetizing and marrying your mate in 12 months.

Acclaimed as “THE Love Doctor,” lauded by Oprah as “Therapist, Comic Mother Superior,” Dr. Allen is a Marriage and Family Therapist, an internationally recognized communication and relationship expert and a Certified Transactional Analyst. Her books have become bibles to many singles–a GPS guide to the altar.

Dr. Pat Allen is now Lives of Style’s new “Relationship Style Expert!” 

She’ll be blogging for us Thursdays on www.livesofstyle.com/the_last_word/ and Lives of Style will be airing select coaching segments from Dr. Allen on broadcast TV and on the Internet.


Lives of Style: Hi Dr. Allen! I wanted to discuss narcissism and what it means for an individual who is narcissistic.

Dr. Pat Allen:  Great! There are many individuals who are choosing to be narcissistic.

Lives of Style: So, let’s talk about narcissism and how that plays into a relationship.

Dr. Pat Allen: Did you know that narcissism as a borderline personality disorder is going to be taken out of the next DSM-V, and do you know why?

Lives of Style: Why?

Dr. Pat Allen: It’s because a person who is individualized and actualized is narcissistic and has a right to it. You’re only a pathological narcissist when you’re a parent or you’re in love. There’s nothing wrong with being a narcissistic single person. So narcissism, because it’s being taken out of the DSM-V, means that if you’re single and you’re not a parent, you’re an actualized person.

Lives of Style: Which means that you can think and feel…

Dr. Pat Allen: And you can have people for your thinking side and people for your feeling side. This means that monogamy is not your end game.

You can email questions to Dr. Pat Allen at drpatallen@livesofstyle.com

While Dr. Allen may not be able to email each of you individually, she will answer select questions on her weekly blog.

Remember, log onto www.livesofstyle.com/the_last_word/ and email Dr. Allen at drpatallen@livesofstyle.com


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