Tipsy Tuesday: Strike a Pose

Tipsy Tuesday: Strike a Pose

Tipsy Tuesday: Strike a Pose

The holidays are here and cameras are flashing so try these fun tips from the stars to give you that red carpet look for you holiday photo.

Tip #1 Perfect posture is a basic for any photo so stand straight with a strong presence to get a stunning look. Avoid being rigid and stiff try to relax in the photo, the camera doesn’t lie if you feel uncomfortable you will look it.

Tip #2 Hand placement is key. Placing your hand on your hip and putting out your opposite leg with a slight bend will create a slimming affect on your waist and is known as the “Tea Pot.”

Tip #3 Step it up a notch with the “Lady Crossover” which is similar to the “Tea Pot.” You simply cross your ankles while keeping your hand placed on the hip and slightly jutting out the elbow.

Tip #4 When all else fails try the “Power Pose,” thrust one hip to one side and then place the opposite leg as far out as you can while still keeping your balance. One key is to point your toes. This is a move used by models and celebs to command and show their fierceness, perfect for your holiday office party.

Strike a Pose: Power Pose

Strike a Pose

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