Hermès Scarves For Spring 2014

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Who said scarves are just for winter? French design powerhouse Hermès has created a line that is elegant, soignée, entertaining and inspiring year round. With 2014 right around the corner so too are new looks and ways to wear scarves from this stellar brand.

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Thinking out of the box, Hermès has developed an app that elucidates a variety of scarf tying methods. Because…what’s life without options? With a multitude of looks and patterns this spring season’s scarf was designed for more than just common neckwear.

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Spring is all about colors and Hermès is rolling out vivid hues with patterns and animal prints that can surely satisfy their haute clientele. With a variety of fabrics from cashmere to silk twill, Hermès is on track to making sure this spring is one to remember.

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