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Lives of Style is proud to introduce our NEW “Dating-Speak” ™ ©2014 Authority: Laura Pugliese.

Laura–formally trained at the WANT Institute by the pre-eminent relationship therapist–Dr. Pat Allen, is a Certified Communications Coach–one of only 100 who have personally studied under Dr. Allen. Laura combines her training, life experience and spiritually-driven gift for manifesting potent communications in interpersonal relationships. Laura teaches her clients how to cut through emotional reactions and communicate rationally with integrity and love.

Today our “Dating-Speak” ™ ©2014 Authority–Laura shares must-know dating do’s and don’ts that will help you find the success in your relationships.


Lives of Style: Help! I have been seeing a man for 3 months who I don’t really like who likes me, and wants to hug and kiss me, and I feel NOTHING. We live near each other, work at the same location, and work out in the same club. It feels easy, but I have zero chemistry. What should I do and what can I say to him?

Laura: If you have dated this man for 3 months and do not have any chemistry for him, then it’s time to be honest with him so as not to lead him on. You can say, “I want to talk to you about something sensitive. Is now a good time? Wait for him to say, “Yes,” or tell you when it is a good time? Then you can say, “I have a lot of respect for you, and I really like you. However, I do not have the chemistry towards you required to hug and kiss you the way you want.  I want to be honest with you because I do not want to lead you on in any way. You are a good man and deserve someone who has chemistry for you. What are your thoughts about what I am telling you?” 

Lives of Style: I have a question from my brother. How can I tell if a woman likes me? Sometimes I get up the courage to ask a girl out, and she looks at me like I’m from another planet. What are the signs she is interested?

Laura: Sometimes there are signs and sometimes people are shy or scared and don’t show it. If the girl looks at you for a bit longer than a  2-3 second glance and smiles a lot that indicates that she likes you.  If she is shy she may look away very quickly even if she is interested in you because she feels scared. The bottom line is that as a man the best thing you can do is pursue the girl you are interested in. When you know you are attracted to a woman be clear, ask her for her phone number, and call her to ask her out on a date. Be persistent until you have a clear response of “no” from her.  The advantage you have as a man is that some women who are feminine enough will give you a chance to see if chemistry builds because she will respect that you are man enough to pursue her. It won’t happen every time, but sometimes the chemistry will develop over time.

Lives of Style: I want to re-enter the dating scene again (after a bad break-up). A married friend of mine volunteered to go to singles events with me (as a wing-man?) but I’m suspicious of her motives. I’d rather go alone or with another friend. What can I say to my married friend?

Laura: If you don’t feel comfortable going with her you can say, “Thank you so much for offering to go out with me to meet men. I really appreciate you offer, but I feel most comfortable handling it on my own for now, and I will let you know if that changes.”

Lives of Style: I met a man online and he seems really nice. Trouble is, we’ve been texting over the holidays and he keeps suggesting a meeting place–and then canceling. When is enough enough? And what can I say to him?

Laura: If it’s happened more than once then it’s time to put up a boundary. The next time he makes a suggestion you can say, “Thank you for your suggestion. I am open to agreeing to meet one more time, but I want to be honest and let you know that if you have to cancel again I won’t feel comfortable to agree to meet in the future. What are your thoughts about what I am telling you?”

Lives of Style: I feel tongue-tied much of the time around men. I also feel invisible. I’m cute (not gorgeous) but am slim and in fairly good shape. I feel like everybody else can make small talk. I can’t. Help? How can I go beyond this and seem approachable?

Laura: You are just as valuable and worthy as any other girl, so keep that in mind. What are your interests/hobbies? You could start to practice by going online and finding some groups to join where you could interact with men who have similar interests. You could begin by asking them about their knowledge because you want to know more about it from a man’s perspective. I also think you would be a good candidate for online dating. Get someone you trust to help you take some cute pictures and write your profile. To stay in the feminine energy you could do a wink to let a man know you are interested, and respond back to the ones who email you. The other thing you can do is to make some time to go to a coffee shop where you can sit and drink your coffee and smile at men. The beauty of staying in the feminine energy is that you don’t need to chase men. You want to exude warm energy to attract them to pursue you. Men notice a warm energy woman who is smiling and who feels good about herself. Believe in yourself and let yourself shine! You are worth it!

While Laura may not be able to email each of you individually, she will answer select questions on her weekly blog.

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