Stylish and smart–fashion forward followers of Lives of Style always keep the sun in check for beautiful, healthy results!


1- Fashionable Protection – Channel your Inner Bohemian. Trending this season are wide-brimmed sun hats. These full-coverage heat blockers provide a classic feel and can top off any favorite look. Whether you go with an oversized derby hat, straw cap, or stylish snap back, you will look smashing in any style you choose. Experiment with sunglasses this summer and try shades with funky shapes, a heart-shaped frame, or patterned Wayfarer styles.


2 – Long skirts/dresses. Keep your skin covered in stylish sophistication in a long skirt or dress. For skirts that are loose and flowing, opt for a fitted top to show off your shape. Or, if you decided to wear a long dress, belt it to cinch in the silhouette.

3- Cropped Tops.  Not only are crop tops perfect for hot summer days, they can complete any summer music festival look. Show a little skin by pairing a crop T-shirt top with a high-waisted skirt or your favorite denim cutoffs. If you want highlight your shoulders without revealing too much, go for a bustier-like crop-top with a low-waisted skirt or a pair of printed harem trousers.


4- Cut-out Detailing. Simple cutout dresses and tops put the focus on your best body features, and lighten fabric overload. Whether you prefer bodycon dresses or tops that sport sweetheart bustier necklines, you can be eye-catching in any outfit that features sexy, yet modest cutout panels in just the right places.


5- Playsuits. Step out into the sun feeling fresh and ready to take on the fashion world in a range of playsuits, jumpsuits, and onesies. Spice up your wardrobe by pairing a printed strapless playsuit with strappy metallic sandals, or make a chic-casual statement with neutral-colored, strapless pant jumpsuits and bold pumps or wedges.


6- Up-dos. Consider trading in some of your signature hairstyles for stunning up-dos that keep your hair off your face and neck- but still scream sexy! Keep it chic by gathering your hair into a sleek pony, or go for a flirty look and pull a few loose tendrils out of a braided or twisted up-do.


7- Make-up. Wearing less makeup during the summer can actually make you look better! Too much makeup can make you feel hotter and stickier. A little tinted moisturizer with SPF 30 or matte powder or products that control oil might be your new summer best friends. For a real cool-down consider keeping some products in the refrigerator. Upon application they provide an extra icy zing and feel refreshingly “chill” on your face or body.

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