Toast du jour- So PEFECTLY San Francisco.


Following in the footsteps of innovative food crazes such as the artisanal cupcake, dill pickle, and cronut comes the latest “artisanal toast” trend.” Yes, TOAST. A handful of restaurants and cafés are now serving up one of the simplest – and cheapest – dishes as a high-quality menu item… some with extensive stand-alone ‘Toast Menus’. Featuring square, thick cut slices of high-grade bread and toppings such as almond butter, sea salt, and marmalade designs.

This trend originated at Trouble Café SF, where owner Giulietta Carrelli began selling what was her impression of American comfort food — artisanal cinnamon toast.

So how did this trend spread so quickly?

As manager of the Red Door explains, “It’s the tip of the hipster spear”.

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